Why We Should Trust Our Intuition And How To Follow It

Some individuals believe that a small number of us have psychic powers. It is in fact the case that we all have psychic abilities, and this can be found in our intuition. When an individual practices the relationship between their intuition, they have the ability to use it in powerful ways.

Many individuals strive to create a better life for themselves, and it is for this reason why intuition should be used. Intuition is one of the best ways in which to live life, as it always knows the correct answer. If you can effectively listen to it, you can make the best decisions in life and be guided in the right way.

One may wish to try a number of different ways in which to communicate with their intuition. In the following text we will discuss a number of ways that an individual can use techniques, so as to use their intuition to full effect.

1. Communicate with your body:

when you feel unsure in life, communicate with your body.

For instance, if you have been offered a new job role and you are unsure as to whether you should accept, sit down calmly with your eyes closed and begin imagining yourself accepting the job. Pay attention to your body and how it feels. With practice you should be able to notice the mood of your body.

This can be seen by a positive buzzing in the body. Goosebumps can also be a sign that this is a positive choice. You will feel a sense of excitement in your heart and in your skin. If your body is saying no then you will feel a negative sense of aching and negativity within the body.

2. Observe the environment around you for possible signs

This could be seen in a conversation that you may be having with a friend. If the conversation is taking a negative turn and you feel the need to look away, pay attention to the visual information that you are drawn to. Maybe you will see a road sign that says ‘proceed with caution’ or ‘stop’. Your intuition is drawing you towards the decisions that you should make in the conversation through the signs.

You should not see any of these actions as accidents, so it is important to consider all these signs that you are drawn to as important ways of perceiving information.

3. Pick signs that are lucky and identify them when you around them

Maybe there is something that you are keen on, such as a brand of car or a lucky symbol such as the three leaf clover.

Use these signs to guide you through life and embrace them when you see them in your minds eye. When they appear it will be as though the universe is winking at you and telling you that you are doing the right thing.

4. If you have a question which goes beyond a yes or no answer, rely on your intuition to reveal the answer.

Close your eyes for around a minute and focus intensely on the question that you have. Use the intuition you have to answer the question for you. Once you have thought about the situation for a minute move onto something else. The answer will arrive to you suddenly whilst you are doing something else, like watching TV or having a shower.

5. Go to sleep and use your dreams as a way in which to make communication with your intuition

If you have a question that you need to use your intuition for, begin thinking about the question in an intense way, directly before you go to sleep.

You may wake up in the middle of the night with the answer or you may wake up in the morning with it, thanks to your intuition.

It is often a good idea to sleep on a situation and let your dream state consider it, as it is then that you are connected to your intuition.

Over time a connection will develop between you and your intuition that is powerful and helpful. The result will be that you will not constantly be obsessing over a situation but will instead be asking for guidance from your intuition.

When you are successful in connecting with the intuition and finding the answers that you need, remember to be grateful for the information that you receive. The universe will in turn reward you for your gratification.


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