How To Change Your Attitude To Regain Control

We’ve all been there. Who among us hasn’t at some point felt crippled by frustration and worry over things not always in our control? Whether it stems from work or a relationship, we’ve all lived through periods when we feel hopelessly trapped in emotional or mental turmoil. Bitterness from that experience can permeate other areas of our lives, souring ties with people in no way responsible for the problem.

One possible solution is to change our attitude when we find ourselves stuck in an unpleasant situation. I know it’s easier said than done, but putting some emotional distance between oneself and the issue at hand can vastly improve how we cope with everyday situations and interact with everyone else. This simple strategy can go a long way in shrinking the pall that the troubling situation casts over every other aspect of our lives. Here are six simple ways to change one’s attitude and regain equilibrium.

1. Understand Challenges Are Temporary

Humans are naturally predisposed to focus on the end goal. Careers are all about money in the bank and that big promotion, intercourse is all about a satisfying climax, a romantic relationship about landing a soul mate. We’re so focused on the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. That attitude extends to our approach towards difficult situations. We fixate on the current problem and feel it will affect our lives forever. That simply isn’t true. Let’s take a step back and work on our consciousness of this phase of life – yes, this a difficult period, but it too shall pass.

2. Acknowledge the Problem

Frankly admitting to ourselves that we are in a bind, honest mindfulness of our difficult circumstance goes a long way in regaining control of our lives. Being in denial is very destructive because then we consciously bury our emotional issues. Those latent frustrations can erupt when we least expect and end up infecting other areas of our lives. This simple exercise in self-awareness is an invaluable asset in ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

3. Dial Down the Drama

Obsessing about the unpleasant situation we’re stuck in only makes it bigger. Take a deep breath and react calmly. Stress-driven, dramatic reactions have become so commonplace in our lives that we’re constantly in fight or flight mode. While that was perhaps a handy evolutionary instinct in our days as hunter-gatherers, it’s hardly necessary now. In fact, it’s pretty counterproductive. Stress-fed hormones constantly coursing through our veins are medically proven to be bad for physical and mental well-being. So let’s do ourselves a favor and consciously tone down the theatrics.

4. Learn From the Experience

Yes, it’s extremely disagreeable now, but our troubling situation can be a precious learning experience. Surviving a challenging phase in life means developing coping skills that can be helpful in the future. If nothing else, we walk away from it more patient and emotionally resilient – and those are priceless assets.

5. Focus on Positives in Other Areas

There’s more to our existence than this one problem, so let’s focus on the positive. Let’s nurture the beneficial relationships in our lives and spend our spare time doing things that make us happy, give us a sense of purpose – be it a hobby, a sport or a volunteer activity. Working on the positive does wonders to our mood and self-esteem.

6. Talk to Someone

Verbalizing our thoughts and feelings to someone we trust can help more than we realize. I don’t mean endlessly whining about our problems. I’m referring to frankly talking about what we’re going through and honestly confronting our feelings on the matter. One doesn’t necessarily have to take the confidante’s advice on the issue. Sometimes just talking about problems gives us clarity and perspective, which can help us cope better.

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