Everyone dreams, but not everyone knows the power of this nightly occurrence. Though sleep is meant to rest the mind, body and soul, it is also the time of day when we begin to dream.

Though dreams can be a powerful force in our lives, we often pay them little attention, thinking they are silly notions or unexpressed fears. To those who learn to focus on their dreams, they become much more than movie reels playing in our minds.

Have you ever had a dream that seemed to stick with you and would not leave your mind? This is because there is true power behind the dreams we dream. Not only is there power, but there is also purpose. Regrettably, we often pay no mind to our dreams simply because we do not understand them.

Though some dreams are straightforward and do not need thought to be understood, much of the dreams we experience are symbolic and based on the language of our souls. Once we begin to grasp a greater understanding of the language of our dreams, they are no longer silly notions, but rather powerful insights into what is going on in our lives.

To begin to use the laws of attraction with your dreams requires lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming allows you to stay in control of your dreams so you can remember them and call them to your conscious mind. Though this is not an easy process, it is worth every moment you devote to it.

In the beginning, you will need to begin recording your dreams. It is a good idea to purchase a special dream notebook and even a pen dedicated to this cause. Keeping a dream journal, pen, and flashlight by your bed each night will allow you to instantly record your dreams the moment you wake up. This method will teach you to be able to remember and recall your dreams so they can be used to propel your destiny.

How to explain your dreams through a dream journal:

* At the top of each journal entry, make sure to document the date. It is also important to detail a few short notes about your day. If any issues arose in the day, you may want to document them and write down what you would like your dreams to reveal.

* When detailing your dreams, make sure you always write them in the present tense. This will keep your dream alive and allow it to show you its true meaning. As you continue to journal, you will see just how important this is.

* It is imperative to describe how you felt during the dream and any emotions that may have surfaced. Feelings experienced in a dream may be just as important as the actions that took place.

* Write down every detail you can remember about the dream, even if it does not seem important to you at the time. Even if you do not understand its meaning right away, it may be revealed through other dreams.

Using a dream journal will allow you to begin to better understand your dreams so you can use them to improve your daily life and reach your life goals. The more attention and dedication you give to understanding your dreams, the more a powerful force they will become in your life.

As you begin this journey, allow your dreams to be given priority in your life. As time passes on, you will learn and experience more than you ever thought was possible!

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