Life Changing Lessons We Can All Learn From Ghandi

Mahatma Gandhi led by example. His spiritual insight, compassion and love of peace helped India to gain independence in 1947. These qualities continue to be an inspiration to those who want to make important life changes.

Here are ten ways to follow the same spiritual route as Ghandi:

  • Change How You Think

Ghandi said that if we want the world to change we must first change how we want to see the world.

Changing the way you think allows you to see the world around you with new insight, filtered through your own thoughts and feelings. If you fail to make any changes to how you think, then you cannot achieve whatever it is you are striving for. Your way will be blocked by flaws such as negativity, bitterness and anger.

Don’t allow your mind to create any more conflict and negative thoughts that could prevent you from finding your way ahead.

  • Control Your Reactions

Ghandi said that he would not permit anyone to hurt him. He understood that how we react is entirely under our own control and that we should never allow others to take charge of our emotions.

Life gets a whole lot easier when you are in control of how you react. Instant reactions can become a habit, without any realization that negativity is taking over. You become emotionally stronger and happier when you are in control.

  • Forgiveness is a sign of strength

Ghandi attributed forgiveness to those who are mentally strong. Weak people are incapable of forgiveness, and those seeking retribution only cause more suffering.

You will never be able to learn anything from any experience if you never forgive. When you forgive someone, you stop that person from taking control of your emotions. You are released from that bond.

  • Action is Necessary

Ghandi knew that no matter how much preaching he did, nothing would be achieved unless he put his own teachings into practice.

Nothing happens without taking actions. No amount of reading, learning and preaching will any affect if you find it too hard to move forward by practicing what you have learned or using the knowledge you have gained.

  • Stay in the Present

Ghandi was not concerned with trying to see into the future. His focus was always on the present. He pointed out we can only control what we are doing now.

Staying in the present stops us from worrying about things that could possibly happen. It also prevents anxiety over what has happened in the past.

Living in the present moment is a good mental habit to develop, and the more you do it the easier it becomes.

  • Accept Mistakes

Ghandi admitted that he was just as capable of making errors as anyone else. He was humble enough to admit his mistakes and would aim to rectify anything he had done wrong.

He said it is better to remember that mental strength can sometimes weaken and we should never be too sure about our own wisdom.

Never expect too much of yourself, or of any other person. Rather than feeling bad about mistakes, take look at how you went wrong and learn from it. The you will never repeat a mistake.

  • Never Give Up

Ghandi was used to being ignored or laughed at, and his peace campaign was often opposed, but he never gave up on his mission in life. He achieved success with his peace movement because he and his followers had the determination never to give up.

In the world today so many people seek an instant solution, and many give up when they do not succeed as quickly as expected or in the timeline they had set for a goal.

When you know that what you want to achieve you is for the best, you have the motivation to stick with it. Resisting opposition will also strengthen the ability to persist.

  • Look for the Best in Other People

Ghandi said that he looked only for good qualities in other people. He never sought to find faults in others, being aware that he too had faults. Leadership, he said, means that you have to get along with people. He understood that becoming influential depends on how helpful you are to others.

Relationships are much easier when you look for the good in others and it helps to bring about improvement. The people you help will in turn be more motivated towards finding goodness and helping others.

  • Harmonyin Thoughts and Deeds

Ghandi knew that happiness comes from the sort of harmony that can only be achieved by aligning actions with words, thoughts and deeds. By keeping everything in harmony you feel better about yourself. It also improves your social skills.

Body language is a big part of how we communicate and people are more likely to listen to what we say when our words are aligned with our body language.

  • Constant Development

Ghandi warned his followers that anyone who tries to appear consistent, by sticking to a set of inflexible beliefs, breaks the basic law of life which requires constant development.

Self knowledge is necessary when following a spiritual path to personal growth and happiness. If you are to progress and develop, it is important to keep re-evaluating your own habits, skills and beliefs.

Source: Positivity Blog 

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