Honoring Your Great Spirit And Your Self

  • 1. Remain Close To Your Great Spirit

Who is your Great Spirit? Do you use the label of The Great Spirit, or do you use God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, the Higher Power, or something else? Whatever label you use, and whatever truth you hold, stay close to it and delight in the fact that your own Great Spirit will provide for you, nourish you, and give you strength. By remaining close to your Great Spirit you keep your soul close to your Self. Acknowledge your Great Spirit throughout the day, and offer up your deepest gratitude.

  • 2. Show Respect For All Living Things

To show respect is to honor those you encounter each day. Whether it is your spouse, your parent, your child, your boss, the homeless man that sleeps near your office, your neighbor’s cat, or a plant on your porch that needs a drink, when you show them you honor their being, you show them you also respect them and yourself. The yogis and the Hindus have a word they say, “Namaste”, which means ‘the light inside me honors and is one with the lights inside you.’ The Africans say, “Ubuntu”, which means ‘I am, because of you.’ Each of these phrases teaches the importance of respecting others because we really are not different from each other.

  • 3. Show Kindness and Give Assistance

The best way to give a smile, and brighten someone’s day is to simply offer them a bit of kindness and a helping hand. We are often so busy with our own lives that we don’t stop and look around. We should strive to keep our eyes opened to those who may be in need of our services – whatever they may be. When we allow ourselves to focus on someone’s blessings, we are spending less time worrying about our own problems.

  • 4. Always be Truthful and Honest

Sometimes telling the truth can be hard, but by doing so we honor those we are talking to. Telling the truth is great for your mind, body, and spirit. When you lie you must constantly try to remember which lie you told to whom; it is hard to forget the truth. Speaking honestly may be something you need to work on. After all, many of us were told as children to “be quiet” at certain times. We somehow always knew we were being shushed to keep us from telling someone the truth. If you become too complacent in keeping quiet, you then run the risk of telling people what they want to hear, instead of telling them the simple truth. When you allow yourself the freedom to speak your mind, with truth, honesty and kindness, you allow yourself to grow.

  • 5.Nurture Your Mind and Body

The best way to honor your Great Spirit, yourself, and those you love, is to take care to nurture your mind and your body. How you accomplish these tasks is up to you. Some people choose to eat healthier foods, some opt for lifestyle changes that get them up and moving. Some people combine both of these choices. Whatever you do to nurture your Self, you give yourself permission to love your Self; this, in turn, allows you to show greater love to those around you. Loving yourself means that you can love every living thing in your life. When you nourish and nurture you body and mind you help to restore your natural balance, as well as allowing your body, mind, and spirit to relax and just be.

Source: The Open Mind

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