How To Fully Embrace The Power Of Meditation

When it comes to daily meditation, there are plenty of different things that can constantly get in the way of something like this actually happening. However, there’s an old Zen saying that can help to correct this situation: “you should sit in meditation every day for twenty minutes, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”

Here are five useful ways that you can motivate yourself to fully embrace the power of meditation, which can help you to completely clear your mind and take the time to breathe.

Meditation Only Takes 20 Minutes Per Day

If you truly think that you are too busy to put aside some time for meditation, stop and think about all of the time you spend on various activities such as watching television or browsing the internet. If your mobile device is something that you depend on every day, you can even use that as a tool in your meditation process.

There is an application known as Simply Being, which allows you to use your preferred mobile device to select a guided meditation of your choice that can last for five, ten, or twenty minutes. You can utilize music, voices, or both as part of the meditation exercise.

According to various studies, engaging in meditation for approximately ten minutes every day can help to greatly reduce stress, lower overall levels of cortisol, and generally improve your outlook on life itself. Meditation can also help you to tackle some of the most common everyday tasks with as much comfort as possible. It may even help you to realize that you may not even find it necessary to take on some of those tasks. In the end, meditation exists to help you discern what truly needs your attention.

Meditation Can Be Performed By Virtually Anyone And Everyone

Whether you’re experienced in meditation or you aren’t, meditation is a process that can be performed by anyone. However, there are some individuals who aren’t very experienced with meditation who automatically believe that they need to be experts at it in order to make it work for them. The reality, however, is that even if we have never performed any kind of meditation before, the process itself has a profound impact on our brains.

One single twenty-minute meditation session allows us to experience a much calmer state of mind, which can essentially make us stop constantly processing various amounts of information. Even a short two-minute meditation exercise can allow the brain to change.

Using Meditation To Reduce Stress

As previously stated, meditation is a great way to reduce stress in your life. In addition, meditation is also a great way to help build brain muscle. Meditation has also been proven by studies to increase the overall size of areas of the brain involving emotional regulation and sustained attention. Furthermore, there is evidence that the network of structures that are involved in sustained attention which are enhanced by the meditation process are much more distinct than those that are enhanced by traditional exercise.

While meditation will not actually burn calories, it does actually lower cortisol levels. This makes it much easier to rid yourself of body fat. All of our guts essentially go into a proverbial “fight or flight” process when we begin to experience stress. When you engage in a meditation process, this feeling will disappear, causing your overall stress level to be reduced greatly.

Using Meditation To Reduce Depression And Anxiety

When we have too many things that we end up needing to do, we find ourselves becoming rather anxious, which is something that can create adrenal fatigue, as well as various other hormonal issues. This is something else that meditation can be used to correct. In fact, an individual’s heart rate and blood pressure were lowered as a result of the meditation process itself.

In a recent study, it was shown that approximately 113 participants who were surveyed were shown to be much less emotionally stressed following a meditation session that lasted for approximately ninety minutes.

Meditation Is Able To Help You Look Younger

If you have ever stopped to take a look at before-and-after photos of individuals who have used meditation as a part of their daily routine, chances are you have seen how much happier and refreshed they look. In addition, meditation is also a wonderful way to make someone look younger. This is because meditation has been shown to possess anti-aging effects for those who utilize this process on a regular basis.

Aging has typically been viewed as a form of accumulation of stress. Again, meditation is a very effective tool to help reduce stress, and in instances like this, it is also a useful way to help slow down the aging process.

It’s no secret that all of us lead extremely busy lives – it’s just the way of the world. However, by taking advantage of these different benefits involving meditation, you will truly be able to lead a very healthy lifestyle for many years to come.

By:  Kenny Williams


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