Cats Purr Unknown Healing Power

Cats seem to possess an innate wisdom that we humans can learn from. Their ability to be still and just observe is quite valuable when one is trying to achieve serenity. Perhaps this is the root of the special relationship between cats and humans which has been in place for centuries.

Cats have played an important role in our survival since the dawn of agriculture because of their ability to hunt down and kill vermin. They were very highly respected in ancient societies; some ancient culture even worshipped them. They believed that cats were deities that possessed an inherent wisdom. For example, Egyptian hieroglyphics of the god Bastet depict him as man with the head of a feline. He is responsible for upholding justice and carrying out executions on the behalf of the people. This depiction is thought to be in reference to the cat’s uncanny ability to kill King cobras and the vermin that threatened their food supply.These are the first documented cases of the symbiotic relationship between man and feline. There are clues that foretell of an earlier relationship but not the nature; in 2004, a Neolithic grave from circa 9000 BC was found containing both the skeleton of a man and an African wildcat.



Mystery and mysticism has surrounded cats for as long as there has been a relationship between them and man. There are legends from all over the world that talk about the seemingly supernatural abilities that cats possess. Ancient Egyptians believed that cats could see the future and that each twitch of the whisker foretold an event. For example, sailors would use cats, not only to kill the vermin were on the ship, but to predict weather patterns. This may seem a little farfetched but, maybe in some respects, they were right. A recent study found that cats may indeed possess a supernatural power; the power to heal the human body. This studyfound that the frequency and vibrations of a cat’s purr helps to relieve stress, prevent heart attacks, help breathing problems and more.

Nowadays, cats are one of the most popular types of domesticated pets. They are quite easy to care for because they only need the bare minimum when it comes to food and shelter. These independent animals will generally figure out ways to achieve their goals so that they do not require our help. They operate autonomously from us humans and only come to us when they want affection or when there’s free time on their daily schedule which is already filled with activities that include hunting, exploring, playing,sleeping, and grooming themselves. Cats are quite finicky about their appearances, and as such, are always grooming. There are some cats that groom themselves so much they develop a condition called psychogenic alopecia, which causes them to lose their hair.
The relationship between mankind and cats is one that will continue to flourish in the coming ages. As our population grows and space grows tighter, the cat’s popularity will soar even higher. China, one of the most overpopulated countries in the world, is home to 55 million cats. This makes them are second in the entire world. They have figured out that cats are more convenient in smaller apartments and homes.








By Eldrina Michel


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