The Alarming Truth about Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is one of those groceries that people presume to be safe: We have been told that it is good for us – and most people don’t look any further into this. However, when you start to look into what it is, how it is made and whether it is actually salutary, a new perception begins to appear.

Most people are not aware that vegetable oil is a comparatively recent invention. Unlike olive oil or coconut oil, which can be extracted by simple cold compressing, vegetable oil may necessitate very significant procedure – often using high temperatures and chemical treatments. One of the principal goals of food product manufacturers is to create the most “ambient food” and most visually attractive possible product.

When you really understand the astonishing extent to which vegetable oils such as canola are made, you will understand primarily that this has to do with chemistry than it does with normal food. And it was stupefying to me to know that the average use of vegetable oils is 70 lbs per person, a year.

Where did this whole idea come from that food can be manufactured, as opposed to being farmed naturally? Scientists will be the first to explain to us about this alteration, yet they neglect the fact that our bodies are adapted to eat natural food for hundreds of thousands of years. Meaning that, we are made to eat natural food, in all its unprocessed complexity. You can’t produce natural nutrients in a manufactory, no matter what pictures of appealing publicity are exposed on the boxing.

It is almost impossible that you can give me a food product or medicine that has been fabricated in the last 20 years and convince me that it is safe.
Because it cannot possibly have been studied along a human lifetime – thus, it is inconceivable to know its real results.

This extremely-simple and rational point is an irritant idea in the side of modern food factories, who will do the impossible to boost and sustain the idea that their nutrients are safe.

The amazing point in history is that there was a large movement against concentrated fats in the 80′s and 90′s – and these opinions are now being annulled; leading one to the viewpoint that the whole advertisement for these artificial foods may have been forced by big-companies and product marketing.

I might be considered an old style – but my approaching is simply not let things for random. I’ll eat as natural food as I possibly as I can, when I always have the choice. I understand that the commercializing and consumption of these nutrients is boosted by big capitals, whose motives are much earnings – which always has a cryptically blurring way the focus around whether something is actually wholesome or not. Looking for a sure result, they will sharply advertise their order of business. You believe in this – the important question is, whether you are ready to be a lab subject for what is basically an entire experimentation on you.

I am for the idea that the industrial enterprise of food may well be the chief cause for the multiple illnesses that we have nowadays. With this permanent trouble, it will be too late when a whole generation will have paid the price. And you will be either free to choose consciously what to eat, or you will have implicit determinations made for you by people in a council chamber somewhere with their only goal, to be rich.

By A. Ouyidir

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