6 Proven Ways to Boost Your Mental Strength

The best way to learn anything is to learn from people who have already achieved success in the field. It is no different when you want to grow mentally stronger. A common trait of mentally strong people is that they understand that in life we only have control of our thoughts, behavior and feelings. The rest are subject to various factors.

This knowledge will spare you the unnecessary stress that comes with working hard instead of working smart. You may find that you are putting all your energy into your work and maybe you do well in your career yet at the end of the day you are still broken down and stressed and you do not know what to do to make things better.

The solution to this situation is to learn to accept your limitations and take control of the only things you have control over, your thoughts, your behavior and feelings. This will help you achieve personal growth which in turn will make you grow stronger mentally. You can employ these proven scientific approaches to achieve this.

1. Being Intentional

Its is not always easy to accept the truths about ourselves but it is important to be intentional and understand your thoughts, feelings and behavior. It is a good idea to write down all the aspects of these 3 so that you can better understand yourself. It is only when you understand what you are thinking, feeling and how you are behaving that you can readjust your mental strength. You can keep a journal or diary and you will discover that the more your write, the more you learn about yourself.

2. Understand your emotions

It is common for us to get caught up in believing that we are rational beings and we uphold that perception at the expense of our emotional self. What we do not understand is how important our emotions are and how much they contribute to personal growth. Emotions are the driving force behind our thoughts and behavior. You will realize that the way you react to a situation at work is driven by emotion. You may find that you always get worked up when a member of a team seems to be failing to understand their role and you experience outbursts but recognizing this and understanding such an emotion can help you deal with such a situation better.

3. Pay attention to self

To be mentally strong, you have to give yourself time for self-empathy, self-care and self-love. It is really hard or next to impossible to care about other people if you do not care about yourself. Just like in an airplane, the crew will put on their own oxygen mask before they begin helping other people. When you pay attention to how you think, act and feel you will be able to control these aspects of your life better. Your mindfulness of yourself will improve your mental strength and the way you interact with other people.

4. Authenticity

You can only be you and no one else so get comfortable with that idea and let those around you know. You may lose some friends and companions in the process but it will work for the better because your mental strength will be affected by keeping people who do not care about you, around you. Your true friends will remain and you may even make new ones who will strengthen you.

5. Live your own life

Part of being authentic is being able to live the life you want. It is important to listen to advise and take it into consideration but at the end of the day, you should be able to make a decision based on what is best for you. Have the confidence that you can make the best decisions for yourself. It can be very depressing to be tied up in a career that you do not love. Do not make the mistake of doing something just because everyone says it is good for you or it will pay well, that is one way to end up miserable.

6. Make a commitment to your mental strength

These hacks may not be very easy to follow through but if you make the commitment to strengthen your mind it is possible. You may have to have a plan that will map out ways to improve your thoughts, your feelings and behavior. Visual reminders like chats or t-shirts that encourage you to improve your mental strength will go a long way towards cementing your commitment.
These are scientifically proven ways to grow mentally stronger and they should help you achieve that.
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