10 Ways To Be Nicer To Yourself

We all have a habit of being too hard on ourselves. Being a human is hard work and we all make mistakes so it’s time to stop putting yourself down and to start praising yourself.

Here are some ways that you can start being nicer to yourself – after all, you deserve it.

1. Start your day the positive way.

As you’re getting dressed in the morning, recite and repeat some affirmations to yourself. Telling yourself that you are strong or capable every day will lead you to believe in yourself.

2. Make a date with yourself.

Give yourself a treat every now and then by arranging a special date for you to enjoy. Whether you enjoy playing a sport, going on a shopping trip or trying something new, making a special time for yourself will make you happy. If you plan it in advance, you’ll have the added bonus of anticipation.

3. Allow yourself to be alone.

Alone doesn’t always mean lonely. Sometimes, alone time is great for your well-being as it boosts productivity, makes you more creative and clears your mind.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no.

Saying no gives you a lot of power. When you say no to something, you are putting your needs first – whether that means removing toxic people from your life or turning down an unwanted invitation.

5. Try loving kindness meditation.

This is a specialist form of meditation that is centered around the cultivation of compassion. It is a way of improving your emotional intelligence and decreasing your response to stress.

6. Note your accomplishments.

Forget the to-do list. Instead, why not focus on a “done” list? Whatever you’ve achieved during the day, whether you finally got round to going to the gym or whether you eventually handed in that work proposal, you should always focus on the positive and forget the bad. If you can take stock of everything that you have to be grateful for every day, you will feel better.

7. Show kindness.

If you are kind to others, you will experience greater happiness, which in turn makes you kinder. Show generosity to everyone, strangers and loved ones alike.

8. Show friendship to yourself.

You would never deliberately hurt a friend by insulting them, yet we call ourselves ugly, stupid or fat all the time. Speak to yourself just as you would to a friend and appreciate yourself, even with all your flaws. If you can accept yourself, you will be much happier.

9. Compliment yourself

We naturally dwell on the negatives, so when you look in the mirror and see that you’re having a bad hair day, or are suffering from a spot breakout, that is what we tend to focus on. Instead of always thinking negatively, look at your reflection in the mirror and compliment yourself. Not on what you can physically see, but about your unseen qualities. Perhaps you’re a great listener, or are a trustworthy friend. Whatever your hidden qualities, praise yourself for them.

10. Get some sleep.

Not getting enough sleep causes havoc with your immune system. Your memory will be affected and you will become an emotional mess. Go to bed early, get enough rest, and your life will change for the better.

There is no greater gift that you can give to yourself than the pleasure of well-being.

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