To get rid of habits it is important to understand how neural pathways work in the brain. Neutral pathways help the nerve cell transmit messages to other parts of the body. Once you are able to understand the basic s the nerve signs will be much easier to understand. If you eat a certain food all the time or smoke a cigarette for comfort they form their own pathway in the brain. The brain is constantly changing and new pathways and habits can be created. When this happens it is called neuroplasticity.
I often broke with one of my feet on the brake and the other foot on the accelerator. I am trying to train myself to drive with one foot instead of two. I am trying to build a new pathway by reprogramming my brain. You can add or remove a behavior including an addiction directly from the brain.

Due to neuroplasticity will help you realize that anything is possible. People had suffered strokes and were able to rebuild their brain functions. People that smoke and eat too much may also learn how to change their behaviors and transform their lives.
There are some basic understandings that you can use to boost success.

Some ways to retain the brain:

  • Identify the Habit You Want to Change

Set the intention in your mind to change and create a new pathway to support this.

  • Observe How the Habit is Affecting Your Life

There are thoughts and feelings when the body is responding to the old habit. Be aware of these in order to change them.
Shift Focus.

To create a new pathway in the brain does not focus on the old habit. If a person focuses on the new one the old habit will fade away in their mind. For example people that overeat should ignore cake and other snacks. Instead they should focus on healthy foods.

  • Be Imaginative

New pathways can be built with new behaviors as well as imagination. All you have to do is keep imagining the new behaviors over and over again. Repeating them will help build new pathways in the brain. When the mind is focused the brain will be able to retain this information.

  • Intercept Thoughts and Patterns

When a person is having an impulse for their bad habit they need to tell their brain no and retrace their thoughts. This will help keep you going in the right direction.

  • Aversion Therapy

This is not for everyone and is optional. For example when you pass candy and cakes think of it as something sickening or that it’s just junk food. You need to be able to talk yourself out of your bad habit. This can be used for many behaviors including smoking and drug addiction.

  • Create a Successful Plan

The more specific the plan is the more likely you are to follow through with it. This helps to make it official. Keep focused on the new choice and remind yourself that you are free of the bad habit.

  • Change the Obstacles

Think about all the things that stress you in your life and how you can handle them differently. This will allow you to handle your emotions.

  • Find Inspiration and Support

You have to remind yourself there is a force within you. Meditation is a great way to stay focused.

  •  Make the Shift

Transformation is possible when you are ready. Keep thinking that can you do it and you will realize that you can.
Some people need something bigger then themselves to motivate them. You have to live in the moment, stand up to your fears and know that you can predominate on the Earth.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 

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