How we think about the weather is a good way to illustrate the fact that if a person changes him or her self, s/he changes the world. People often complain about the weather. During a heat wave, they get irritated about the weather, they cannot accept it as it is and wish it was different.

It is obvious that humans have no control over the weather. They do not even have any control over the way their own bodies react to different temperatures. The feelings of heat and discomfort in the body happen all by themselves. Humans cannot control these feelings.

However, what an individual can do is to change how s/he relates to and thinks about current conditions and events. When the weather is hot the body feels warm and it quite an interesting feeling to experience. Thinking about such experiences allows a person to explore the deepest parts of his or her very existence and being. There is no need to run away from those feelings. Most of the discomfort and irritation originates from the need for the feeling to disappear or change rather than from the experience itself.

Hot weather always passes eventually. It is impermanent. The heat of the sun passes. Clouds emerge or night falls and air temperatures drop and the body cools.Acceptance ends the unreal separation between the human and the weather. By accepting the weather just as it is, one merges with the experience, rather than allowing the mind to create a gap. The mind commentates on the hot weather, judging it, and one could choose to be the mind but perhaps it is better to be the experience of the warmth in one’s body. It is a straightforward choice; the feeling of identifying as the mind versus the feeling that one is a universe of feeling and sensation.It is only through societal and other conditioning that people identify as the mind.

The principle is applicable to all situations and circumstances. A person can be irritated by a dog barking at night; worked up over having to wait at red traffic lights; depressed over a work problem or pay cut; miserable about his/her looks, or s/he can merge with the feelings and see them for what they are at the present time, accepting that this is the way s/he feels now. It will not be the way one always feels. One can completely accept the deep emotions that arise and allow them to run their course without resisting them. Expressing feelings rather than trying to suppress them. That is how one transforms one’s consciousness and that is the magic.

Source: Collective-Evolution

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