Top 5 Gut Instincts You Should Never Ignore

Does it mean that your intuition is guiding you into making a decision when you say you are “listening to your gut?” Maybe yes. The inner voice in us is always present. The voice that tells us the motives of a person or what we have always looked forward to might come to pass. So you should never ignore that gut feeling in certain situations.

Top 5 instincts you should never ignore:

1. “I don’t feel good”

Your body will tell you if something doesn’t feel right. This is a voice you should obey before it gets worse. Most people ignore subtle signs but later on end up dealing with a larger problem. Anytime something is off-balance, your body has the ability to tell.
When you meet with someone, do you feel anxious, drained or depressed? Listen to these feelings since they will tell you all about this person. It is only through the power of intuition that our bodies communicate to us.

2. “This situation seems dangerous”

If you have seen Final Destination movies, you will notice that out of a group of people, only one person has visions of something wrong that’s about to happen. Whether this part of the movie was intentional or not, it shows that intuition plays in perilous situations.
When you go to the store for instance and meet a strange face, you become uneasy. This feeling grows when that person follows you into the store and watches you closely. The person doesn’t buy anything and instead walks out and waits for you outside. Your intuitions will command you to either call the police or inform the manager. Listening to this fight-or-fight response in our bodies might just save our lives.

3. “I should help that person”

Gut instincts are not always negative. We can sense when someone needs help since we all have a common origin. Have you ever noticed how everyone wants to offer help when there is a natural or a man-made disaster? This is the gut that drives us to realize that we need each other in times of need.
You should always offer help even when the person in need doesn’t ask for it. Nonverbal cues can also trigger such instincts.

4. “This comes naturally to me”

Overthinking also has a problem. For instance, you will practice your lines for weeks and get the moves right for a play but when you finally get on stage for the performance, you forget everything. The same may also happen if you are the star of a baseball team but keep on missing the ball even after intense practice.
Talented people in most cases allow their thoughts to take control rather than their instincts and this is what makes them fail at what they are good at. In case a distractions comes your way, overcome it with a nice song or a memory that makes you happy and lets your instincts kick in.

5 “It just feels right.”

Your intuitions rather than rational thinking comes in play when you have life-altering choices like changing your job or choosing a new life partner. We always want something that makes us feel happy and prefer doing away with something that doesn’t bring us happiness. So when you listen to your intuition, you will be able to choose the right path.


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