Top 12 Habits That Cause Unhappiness

We all want to be happy and would do anything to keep ourselves happy. This is due to the fact that life is short and unhappiness makes us live a difficult life. Our habits have an impact on our happiness. It is important to understand the difference between unhappiness and clinical depression. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain while unhappiness is a disposition that is often acquired through our choices in life. Unhappiness just like depression can be diagnosed and treated.

12 avoidable habits that cause unhappiness

1. Chronic complaining

Unlike successful people, the unsuccessful are always the chronic complainers. Such people complain even when others around them are happy. You should get a solution to your problem instead of complaining to avoid being unhappy.

2. Being critical-of self and others

Self-worth has an impact on our happiness and it’s your right to feel good about yourself. You should avoid negative self-talk. When you have a mistake, accept the facts and move on. Also learn that others, just like you, are not perfect.

3. Living beyond means

There are numerous advertisements always hitting our TVs and billboards about the latest cars or gadgets. They all promise you fulfillment and happiness. Don’t believe such. They will boost your emotions but this won’t last. Try something that doesn’t put you in debt like reading, sightseeing or exercising.

4. Negative addictions

The things that make us happy are always good if they are moderated. For instance food, drinks and entertainment. However, they become a problem if they are a habit. A remedy to this is finding and living our passions to the greatest extent possible (see #8)

5. Regretting the past

Regretting about the decisions you made in the past is not only useless but also harmful. This can cause chronic stress and depression. To remedy this, learn to let go of something that cannot be changed and reframe the situation more positively.

6. Worrying about the future

It is normal to have insights of our future, however, it is advisable to exercise our God-given talents and abilities in the present. This means facing the challenges that come in the present and learning to let go of them.

7. Being driven by fear

Fear is normal and can be the main cause of unhappiness. However, we should not allow fear to take over our lives. This is an auto pilot negative thought that should not be given a chance. Remember we are not fear, anxiety, worry or any other negative thought process. We are always the good thoughts.

8. Delaying goals and dreams

You need no effort to get through the normal life routine like eating, sleeping and working. We may also discard something good before its realization if we don’t focus on our talents and passions. We can only see the possibilities if we are not afraid of taking the first step.

9. Gossiping

Small negative talks about someone else exudes insecurity and unhappiness. If you were happy and confident about yourself, why would you gossip about someone else? So avoiding gossip will help you live a happy life.

10. Holding grudges

Holding a grudge is exposing ourselves to unnecessary burden. It is normal to be angered by someone else’s behaviors, but we should learn to either forgive, forget or ignore for the sake of our happiness.

11. Eating poorly

Eating poorly results in weight gain, depression, bad health and decreased productivity. Eating right results in an entirely opposite effect and helps us stay healthy and feel happy about ourselves.

12. Expanding our problems

We normally blow things out of proportion when we are unhappy and discontented. When we are faced with any problem, we should first take a step back with minimal emotions and asses it then get a solution.


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