The Relationship Between Frequency, DNA And Human Body

Frequency defines life as we know it. Everything that happens is thanks to frequency, be it emotion, physical status and appearances, and your general well being comes down to frequency. As a result, every human should be able to control themselves as well as control everything in their surrounding. This goes on through your entire existence.

Your life force is as a result charged electrical particles in the body which is as a result of electrical conduction. Your DNA contains two characteristics of three aspects namely, fractal antennas, electronic conduction and symmetry.

There is so much to life that it takes more than mere knowledge to understand it. All the organs coordinate through various technical means that take you more than you have to comprehend.

Looking at everything life has to offer from the external features such as plantation to animal races, all of it features timeless geometric codes.

Atoms make the most of living things. However, since they are commonly empty space, this makes it evident that the universe consists mostly of empty space of about 99.9999%. The empty space portrays both intelligence and frequency.

With life, the aspect of sacred geometry has gained popularity amongst many. Other than religion, scientists as well as mathematicians are embracing the aspect of sacred geometry.

Looking at the human body, the DNA carries millions of gene switches. Though they allow for differentiation, they are important in the control of human cells, organs as well as body tissues. Scientifically, it is by realizing this that experts are able to address human health and consciousness.

Another discovery was on the system responsible for controlling genes. This is a necessary DNA In the human body. However, more research on this is still under way.

The human body has molecules that are responsible for converting electrical waves into acoustic waves and vise versa making them electrical dipoles.

High electrical voltages in the body cell may arise from DNA and membrane proteins that have helical coils. In this, they have the ability to function as inductor coils.

In the event that this electrical voltage drops to a given level, then you will experience chronic related diseases. This is because cells are lacking sufficient energy levels.

The human body is composed of cells and the cells are composed of matter which contains atoms. Atoms are composed of both positive and negative electrons.

Looking at the above, tissue may accept, transduce, as well as transmit vibrations, you should be able to understand the following phenomena:

Biological reactions that affect our body such as sunspots.

Better understanding of the earth’s geomagnetic fields.

The theory behind healing of hands.

Biological response to frequency generators.
Medical devises addressing the bio-field.
The mechanism behind the working of acupuncture.

The functioning of the massages and therapy as healing processes.

Holographic communication.

The functioning of neural therapy.

The functioning of electrodermal screening.

The mechanism behind one person feeling and interpreting other people’s bio field.

With a better understanding, it becomes easier to understand a human body. Even with any alterations, the bottom line is that the universe is bounded by frequency. More research is still on going to help unearth more of on DNA and the human body as a whole.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 

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