Surviving The Collapse Of Civilization

Have you ever watched a collapse in slow motion? The demolition is happening,butyou can’t believe it. Modern society is similar. The collapse is happening in slow motion, butyou are unaware. What will it look like as the ‘buildings’ topple? How can we survive?

  • Slow motion collapse

The film ‘Collapse’ isa grounded and emotive interview with the lateMichael C Rupert. You hear thecalling of a soul, put here for a purpose. He eloquentlyexpresses the destinythat drew him here and explains society’s collapse.

Society is built on the foundation of infinite growth. It depends on the exploitation of natural resources. We live on a planet of finite resources, and we are running out.

Nevertheless, I see the light shining through the shadows.There’s a way to positively thrive inthe future.

  • Surviving the meltdown

Watch the film and accept what you see.The interviewer your view can be debatedyour viewand he’s right. Butme and Michael are not about that. Debating is useless; the towers are already collapsing.The earth needs to be saved.

Like the Hopi Elders, you’ll realize that the only way to prosper is byspiritual means. This will be a ‘war’ of the spiritual and material.The expression of the soulful you. Ametamorphosis will occur – the rise of the Divine Human.

We’ll need a platform to unveil our divine being. Like a dragonfly that perches a branch and unfolds its wings, we need something to fly from.

  • What does that mean?

It means we have to bring a swift end to this system thatwastes precious resources and energyon rubbish. We must ween ourselves and enforcenon-compliance with corporations.

  • Less is more

We have to spend our time and money wisely.Even if you continue to work in the matrix, you can still invest in yourself.Society is collapsing in steady degradation; you’ve got time to share ideasand collect a reserve.

That’s the inspiration forTransition Towns,a micro community that supports localizedskills and resource management. It will make a difference as the globalized structure fractures.

In the film below, Michael shares a poignant and prophetic example of the fate of North Korea and Cuba Both countries have suffered through the collapse of the iron curtain and their dependence on Soviet oil.

The North Koreans centralized resources, which caused massstarvation. Cuba encouraged people to come togetherand grow their own food, thus consuming a fraction of the energy. The people thrived by needing less.

Even if we use technology, we must still use less. If you knew everything wouldend tomorrow, would you plant that apple tree today? Would you live withcompassion for the earth? This is the new consciousness that will survive.

  • Pinch yourself awake

The universe is a wave of energy. Humanity has tried to contain it, but our false reality has tore away.

Gaia has released her karma. She no longer needs the matrix or the old humans. She will incarnate the new human, Divinicus Cometh, to survive the cleansing process. They will ride through the process instead of manipulating it. We must learn that manipulation will make it worst. It is too late for those unaware.

I urge you to watch the film and awaken yourself. Inspire to make new choices and follow its guidance. Here’s the documentary and if you’d like help, contact me.

Source: Truthisscary

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