Does Our Genetic Code Contain A Secret Alien Message?

Is the answer to the biggest question ‘are we alone in the universe?’ contained within the cells in our bodies?

Questions have been raised as whether some kind of ‘manufacturer’s stamp’ that proves intelligent design, that was written millions of years ago be contained within our genes? Some theories state that a label like this was the stamp of a master race that came millions or even billions of years before us. As their legacy, they created other life in the Milky Way in their own image.

Scientists at the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute have hypothesized that this intelligent signal that is embedded in our genetic code could be a mathematical and semantic message that Darwinian evolution doesn’t explain. it is called ‘biological SETI’. These scientists believe that this is the best way to discover extraterrestrial life, much better than listening for radio signals.

In an article in the Icarus journal, these scientists say that this code could have remained unchanged over huge timescales. It could be the most durable construct known. As a result it could be an reliable storage device for some kind of intelligent signature. The genome would be rewritten appropriately, then the signature will stay frozen within the cell, as well as its progeny. This would be then delivered through time and space.

To prove it, and pass the designer label test, a pattern found would have to be statistically significant, and have features that are non consistent with natural processes.

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There have been some wild theories that have come as a result of this. That the genetic code seems to have been written outside the solar system, billions of years ago, supporting the theory that the earth was seeded.

This is not the only conclusion though. One theory is the universe was created, and is just a computer program. The idea is that a programmer wrote our genetic code, and that is why it appears to be as it is.

Of course, this biological SETI goes against commonly accepted scientific principles, and hypotheses that the genetic code and our biology is so complex that it has to have been engineered by a higher power.

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The theory of intelligent design is basically just creationism but dressed up in more scientifically acceptable ways. Christian fundamentalists use this to push creationism in schools.

But is the idea of an alien signature more believable than biblical intelligent design.

At this point, we don’t know enough about the origin about life on Earth to conclusively claim that the genetic code defies natural explanation. Even if we discovered life elsewhere in the solar system, it wouldn’t prove the idea. In fact spreading of genetic code could even have happened naturally.

Even if were proved that the genetic code was designed by an intelligent extraterrestrial, then who created the creator?

Oliver Graham
Source: Discovery

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