Studies find people who take vacation more often live longer

A healthy balanced life style is critical to success and the overall well being of employees in any work environment. Even though some people know how critical it is to take advantage and seize their right to their vacation time, others tend to be tied to the office and do not know how important it is to get away to recharge. According to noteworthy managerial resources like the Vice President and General Manager of, John Morrey, studies are now showing that people that take vacations more often than non live longer.

Research Background

This research study was performed on a specified group of men that were in the middle age bracket. Based on their profile, they were part of a group that were at the highest risks of coronary heart disease. Also, when this group of men were given this questionnaire to respond to, they gave their personal experiences that disclosed when they had their vacations, how often and how they felt once this time was over.


When the researchers compiled the results of this study, they found that there was a strong correlation between how many annual vacations that they took and the reduction in mortality rates. Therefore, researches arrived at the conclusion that taking a vacation away from the job was not only a release in stress, but also good for one’s health.

The Research Report

To that end, according the research report that was written, there are numerous possible reasons for these kinds of associated results. Most of which included people who went on vacation begin to experience less stress, while also improving health in other areas of life. Vacations are also excellent for giving the person the downtime needed to regenerate the body and the mind.

Further, by taking an annual vacation, people also have more time to spend with their families away from everything. Studies also show that this is a great booster for various kinds of social contact and other reasons, especially that that’s needed for better psychological implications.

Making the Most of Vacations that have Limitations

Getting away from work and other associated things can be perceived as bad for the workaholic. However, for the ones that believe that vacation is needed and should be taken annually and whenever it is appropriate, it is a welcomed event. This is because some organizations in South Korea and other areas in the U.S. do not always recognize these factors. Over the years, these cultures are beginning to change for the better, and have been encouraging their staff to take this time that has already been provided in vacation benefits, and other work-life sources . Therefore, when people are intent on getting away, it is important that they disconnect unneeded devices like laptops, mobile phone and the like.

It is also important to note that real Vacationing means completely disconnecting from all sources of work contact. This recommendation comes highly in favor of cutting off contact from email, mobile phones, Skype and any other form of communication that does not foster getting away from it all.


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