Stress: It Doesn’t Have To Be

Stress, it’s a word that conjures images of anxiety, debilitating fear, and potential health risks. It has been linked to hundreds of diseases ranging from asthma to cancer. Stress is even become part of our vocabulary with phrases such as “don’t stress me out.” Billions of dollars are spent every year either directly or indirectly to the effects of stress on human beings.

Many consider stress a result of the pressures of modern daily life and the constant threat of loss of job, self-esteem, and the drive to reach the top. We often lose sleep at night thinking about “what it” and we imagine all kinds of horror in the imagined consequences of either our actions, and actions, or the unknown.

Strangely enough, our worst fears often come to naught. So it is our emotions and thoughts they generate stress more so than life’s trials and tribulations.

  • Stress is

You might as well resign yourself to the fact that you will experience stress in your life. Only by living on a tropical island somewhere where food is plentiful. Shelter is not needed along with clothing, cell phones, the Internet. Also missing would be the daily grind of going to work every day and dealing with people who often work in cross-purposes to our goals and the goals of your workplace. All of these things are lacking in a place called Eden or some island paradise.
Unfortunately, many of us living in urban centers have to deal with things like gridlock, long commutes, and the never-ending standing and waiting in line.

So it’s not a question of avoiding stress, it’s what do we do about it. There are three kinds of stress or courting to current medical theories.

Acute and Chronic Physical stress – relating to actual physical danger, such as muggings, acts of terrorism, or natural disaster are two of the major causes of stress in our lives. People in developed countries however rarely have to face this in real life. Trillions of dollars are spent every year by governments to ensure as best they can that these things do not occur. This is why we have governments in the first place.
A third category of stress however, Psychological stress is not something that can be regulated by laws, international conventions, or religion. The stresses are caused by people themselves dealing with their interactions with other people, events occurring around them, and philosophical or religious disagreement.

People attempting to acquire wealth, power, sexual gratification or a few of the issues one must deal with in life. Religion and philosophy attempt to show us a better way of coexisting with their fellow man. But, you only have to look at the current crop of newspaper reports or watch the nightly news to see that most stress in the world today is caused by the clash of the thoughts and ideals espoused by these groups. Which shows the fallacy and the failure of most of them; however, most are blinded by the dogma and teachings of each group.

The artificial constructs of having to go to work to earn money and the hierarchical system that has been imposed on people to achieve this in the last 100 years has built an artificial structure on the world. It is created a hierarchy were those at the top enjoy the fruits of the labors of those below them and those that are supporting the system run the risk of 4 to 6 times more of dying prematurely than those at the top. And this is directly related to stress. Of course, this is only logical as those at the top had better education, more opportunity, quality food and shelter that 80% of the population of the world does not enjoy.

This is a major factor in the creation of stress and strife in the world today. Those that have want more, those that have not, want what they see the upper classes enjoying.

Governments promote the myth and idea that by working hard you can achieve these times, unfortunately, very few breakout from the lower 80% into the affluence of the upper 20%.
This causes frustration, which leads to anger which leads to violence.

  • Current Responses dealing with a world of stress

Many scientists and medical professionals and dissected the effects of stress, its causes, and solutions to the problem.
Religions teach us that there is another life after this one where things are better, which acts as a tranquilizer and control of the population at large.
Various philosophies, mental training regimes, as well as physical exercise can relieve the symptoms of stress and allow us to survive.

Many turn to TV, movies, and social media now as an outlet for relieving stress.

Doctors each year prescribed millions of dollars worth of tranquilizers such as Prozac and the like two chemically relieve the stress of daily living.

Governments concerned about the rising violence among the young have increased scrutiny in the classrooms to identify those who would resort to violence out of frustration or other factors that are directly related to stress. Specially trained counselors are now part of many faculties in schools attempt to identify, offer aid, resolve, or isolate those that exhibit the markers that fit the profile of those will resort to violence as a means of dealing with the stresses of the modern world.

  • Possible Alternative

The media has shown by the news lately violence in the classroom is rising, in spite of all the efforts both by teachers and the world’s governments to resolve these problems. The solution to the problem must come at the grassroots level. Families that interact together and work as a unit seem relatively unaffected by the modern world and are able to survive. Others who have developed mental control and focus on group goals seem to thrive and survive. These groups have gone back to the days of self-sufficiency that was exhibited by our ancestors when originally colonizing America.

This focus on a small group linking with other like-minded groups offers a model that seems to work. They avoid the constant stress caused by the bombardment of the Internet, the media, and world events and focus instead on family and personal development to achieve goals both personal and on a larger scale. Instead of thinking on “me”, they work toward on the group’s prosperity.

If this philosophy were to be implemented in other families and groups perhaps, we could rekindle a unification of both people and ideals. For as long as we stand divided into small cliques, power groups, and as individuals, we face chaos. Such chaos resulted in both world war one and two and can be directly related to stress at the societal levels.

Current groups and organizations are hostile toward each other at personal and group levels with no common ground, even though they all derive their needs and wants from a common source. Perhaps we need to adopt a world identity instead of one based on regional, philosophical, or a religious view.

We all are human, we are all faced with stress, and we all have to share this world, as we have no other place to go. It’s time to think of ourselves as one people with one world. This would relive much of the stress in the world

Tom: The Teacher
Source: The Mind Unleashed 


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