13 Thoughts On Creativity

  • 1.You are Creative

All people are creative, however, most of us go through life blind to the world around us the difference between a normal person and a creative person is the creative person sees the world around him which most of us ignore as we race toward goals, objectives, or chasing after material things. The creative person sees something and they experience it, whether through touch, sight, or feeling.

  • 2.Creative Thinking is hard work

Creative thinking requires a more disciplined way of thought. The ideas seemed to come out of the air, but it requires an organized process to turn that idea into something tangible. Great painters and musical artists are admired for the seemingly effortless manner in which they pursue their art. Most people never see the thousands of hours of painstaking practice, learning, and more importantly making mistakes to gain the skill. It is often from their mistakes that they learn the most.

  • 3.You must go through the motions of being creative

Creative people are always being asked how they became creative. The answer is quite simple they do it. If you want to become a writer then you have to write. You can go to all the classes, read all the books on writing, study the great masters. But, if you don’t take action, nothing will happen. If you want to be a painter or musician, big of a paintbrush or a musical instrument and start the process of becoming that what you admire.

  • 4.Your Brain is not a computer

For the last 2,000 years western civilization and thought hinged on A or not A. This created a two-value logic system used today and which allows computers to emulate thought. However, in the real world there are an infinite number of permutations and variables at work simultaneously. Your brain instinctively analyzes, categorizes, and makes leaps of intuition when both the left side and the right side of the brain are working in harmony. This multi valued logic system is alluded to in the science of “General Semantics NLP. To call a human brain a computer is to denigrate the true marvel that it is.

  • 5.There is no one right Answer

Because of the dual thinking process, we’ve inherited from 2000 years ago; many people look for either the right answer or the wrong answer. Instead, you should be looking at a range of answers that can solve your problem. Because the universe is not stagnant, a solution to a problem that works today often fails to solve the same problem at a future time. Which means problems change continually and the solving of them is a continuous process.

  • 6.Never stop with your first good idea

Because of this, you should never stop with the first answer that seems to solve the problem. Many creative thinkers use the “Rule of 100.” They answer the question or find 100 solutions to the same problem and choose the best five or six that do the best job in solving it. It has been discovered that by doing this your brain will come up with about 70 mediocre two good solutions to a given question or problem. However, the final 30 solutions often show what creates part that could not only solve the problem but also open up entire new fields of endeavor.

  • 7.Expect the experts to be negative

Unfortunately, human beings build empires both in reality and in various abstract areas as well. Any new idea will be attacked for any number of reasons. In fact, people who come up with new ideas or solutions to problems that affect the world are often killed to maintain the status quo, to protect reputations, or defend a closely held belief. Nikola Tesla was hounded into his grave by the so-called “Robber Barons” that while making fortunes off his discoveries feared the effects of his future developments and ideas would have on their profit margins. So an organized campaign was mounted against him that not only ridiculed him but also actually almost erased him from history.

  • 8.Trust your instincts

So in to survive as a creative person today, you must develop a thick skin and trust your gut instincts. You have to believe in yourself totally. Because often those around you either intentionally or inadvertently through thinking about your welfare will attempt to dissuade you from following the path you have chosen. If you fail, they will say,” I told you so.” If you succeed, they will be the first in line to attempt to ride on the coattails of your success. So not only do you have to fight against the naysayers of the world, but often your friends and family as well.

  • 9.There is no such thing as failure

Creative thinkers often find solutions to problems they weren’t looking for answers to. History is filled with these so-called failures, the Yellow Sticky, the Slinky, and Plexiglas being just a few.
Following the creative process yields results, whether these are the results you intended or otherwise. To call it failures is a misnomer. It is simply results, which have occurred due to circumstances, natural phenomena, or the X-Factor. There are no failures in the world just intended and unintended results.

  • 10. You do not see things as they are, You see them as you interpret them through your experiences

Creative people as well as normal people see the world through filters, the difference being a creative person knows there are filters based and past experience, cultural upbringing, and education which all went together to show the world not as it is but as we interpret it to be. To be creative is to be able to look at things through different ideas, points of view, and be able to be open to seeing things in different ways.

  • 11. Always approach the problem on its own terms

One way to change your perspective of a problem is to change your mindset and put yourself into the shoes of other people. Each problem is unique with its own set of parameter and factors influencing it and you as well. One of the more famous ways of to approach a problem on its own terms is by asking the question, “What would _________ do in a situation like this?” You could fill in the blank with any number of the famous people living, people you know, or historical characters of your choice. Often cited personalities are Gandhi, Patton, or even James T. Kirk. This forces your mind out of the normal patterns that you normally think in. You’ll be surprised at some of the insights you’ll discover by practicing this simple exercise.

  • 12. Learn to think unconventionally

Think like you normally do and you will get the same answers that you’ve always received before.
Which is why changing point of view as in the previous suggestion forces you to change your thinking process into new channels.

However, there are other ways to change how you think and some of them are quite unconventional. Music, different scents, walking into place you’ve never been before have all been shown to spark ideas and open a doorway to the creative spark within us all.
Meditation, which slows the mind, and bungee jumping that forces the mind to accelerate have both been proven to jumpstart creativity.
Image streaming in exercise created by Win Wenger, Photo Reading, Speed Writing have all been shown to activate parts of the brain we don’t normally use. Simply looking at “Magic Eye” pictures have profound effects on people have you done and alter their perceptions.
The process of Time Distortion documented first by Milton Erickson and later popularized by Richard Bandler of NLP is another modality to aid us in thinking outside the box.

  • 13. Finally creativity is paradoxical

To create new knowledge one must have knowledge, but then you must forget knowledge and act on instinct. The great martial arts master Morihei Ueshiba could demonstrate the same technique a 1000 different ways. He said this was because he was in touch with the Void.
This is often translated as the unconscious mind. He was able to move outside our normal realm of perception and perform at a level that has never been duplicated since.

It is often said, to become a master you must go through many stages:

Not knowing that you don’t know
Knowing that you don’t know
Learning to know
Then forgetting what you know
Do without knowing

Then to become a teacher you must start at the beginning again to guide the student through the stages and by doing so, you relearned how you became a master in the first place.

Source: The Mind Unleashed 


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