Scared Otter Pup Can’t Jump Into Water

One of the sensations online is also a video where we can follow the otter family.

The puppies did not gather enough courage at first to jump into the water with their mother otter, and one of them was especially hesitant in the feat.

The video, which landed on the social network Facebook in recent days, is already a real success today. It has already garnered 40 million views, and the credit for the exceptional response goes mainly to the puppy, who was too scared to jump into the water.

That’s why his mother otter helped him to the water – she grabbed the puppy and dragged it into the river, and the sympathetic scene impressed many animal lovers online.

Watch a wonderful video where we can follow an otter family when one of the puppies did not gather the courage to jump into the water. Will the scene impress you too?