Most foster families care for and love these needy children like their own. However, some families take advantage of the system, take the money, and the state provides for the needs of the child and uses it for its own purposes or for its other biological children instead.

In the moving video below, a family of three eat lunch at the Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale, Arizona – mother Angela with her adopted daughter Emma and biological son Xavier. Moments after they arrived, the people there began to notice how the “mother” treated Emma while treating Xavier very kindly.

She didn’t give Emma the same delicious food she gave her son. When Emma asked for a sundae, Angela responded with a truly heartbreaking explanation: “He’s my real son and you’re my adopted child,” Emma said. Angela even goes beyond the unthinkable and threatens to send Emma back to daycare if she doesn’t accept his unreasonable rules!

Fortunately, there was an experiment that was all set up by the famous show “What Are You Going To Do? All Angela, Emma and Xavier are actors, but there were no other customers. There “You have to watch their reactions to the woman’s bad behavior with her babysitter.

They were all caught on hidden cameras. “You’ll want to grab a box of tissues before you watch this.

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