Keys To A Healthier Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a true reflection of who we are, how we are – both physically and mentally, how we feel about ourselves and how we treat our bodies and minds and the people we encounter each day. Self-esteem is a true measure of who we really are – inside and out.

Keys To A Healthier Self-Esteem

  • 1. We Are Relational Beings:

Humans devote 100% of their time relating to something or someone. Most often we relate to our own inner emotions, followed by humans bringing together the relationship between their inner and outer worlds. What we see and do each day is a reflection of our own internal experiences. Our state of mind, as well as our own emotions, help to influence each energetic exchange, whether internally or not.

  • 2. Relationships:

A healthy self-esteem is critical to having a healthy external relationship. We tend to mirror our real world with our own inner worlds. Conversely, we also want our real world to have a positive impact upon our self-esteem. It is our choice whether we feed a healthy self-esteem, or let it fall flat.

  • 3. Listen To Your Emotional Voices:

Emotions speak inside of us, and they constantly guide us through our days, giving us information that leads us down the right roads. When we learn to really listen to this emotional communication within our minds, we know we are getting important information from the deepest parts of our minds. How we hear, and interpret, this information determines if our self-esteem (the deepest part of our Self) and our soul will live or die.

  • 4. Freedom To Choose:

As adults we have the freedom to choose how we want to live. We can make a conscious choice to be an active and participating member of the world we live in, learning to live with a healthy inner self in a co-creative atmosphere. Or, we can avoid this choice and live our lives as perpetual victims, never taking any responsibility for our self.

  • 5. Self-responsibility:

Literally this means being responsive and accountable to our self. When we learn to take ownership of what we do, and hold ourselves accountable at the same time, we begin to live in perfect harmony with our inner self. When we respond, and attend to, our inner needs, we are again learning to live in harmony with our self.

  • 6. Honor:

When people are faced with challenges and come out unscathed, they cannot help but feel good about what they just accomplished. Whether the outcome was good or bad, if we know we faced the situation with every bit of our self-decency and honor, we build upon our inner strength, which includes our self-esteem. Live honorably and feed your soul; live any less than honorably and we seriously deplete our self-esteem. Think of honor as food for your soul.

  • 7. Courageously Face Your Emotions:

Too many people were taught that showing their emotions was a sign of weakness. It takes courage to face our deepest feelings, encourage a relationship with them, and conquer them. However, when one can face these emotions openly it is a source of nourishment for the soul. Block these emotions and the voice of the soul is shut down.

  • 8. Vulnerability:

We can learn to defend ourselves from vulnerability. Once we conquer this ability we gain full access to all our emotions. If we fail to listen to our own inner voices, we are not able to respond to the deepest parts of our souls, our psyche, and ultimately, our self-esteem suffers. A life filled with honesty and humility defeats vulnerability and strengthens our soul like nothing else can.

Source: Huffington Post

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