A study that was published by the Astrophysical Journal stated that the Milky Way Galaxy can be home to over 4 billion planets that resemble Earth. This was based off of information from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. This telescope is designed to find plants similar to Earth in the galaxy. There are many red dwarf starts is this galaxy which indicate that 6 percent of the 75 billion planets would be similar to Earth. That is about 4.5 billion planets. Red dwarfs are less then half the size to 7.5 the size of mass of he sun. The level of energy that they put out is 1/1000 to as much as 10 percent of the energy the sun puts out. Some planets are 13 light years away which is relatively close. Each light year equals six trillion miles.

Many scientist thought distance much further then this would have to be searched to find planets similar to Earth. These planets are just waiting to be seen according to Courtney Dressing who is an astronomer with the Harvard Smithsonian Centre.

Mainstream science is noting that evidence suggests there are other forms of life in the universe other then Earth. So far a planet like Earth has not been discovered many feel that Earth had out of space visitors from millions of years ago. For over 50 years UFOs have been tracked by government agencies, the military, and other agencies all over the world. There are thousands of UFO files that have been released by dozen of different governments all over the world. It no longer seems like big headlines when a government states they have interest in finding UFOs. Military agencies are also trying to get the first look at the outer space visitors.

We now have the evidence and creditable witnesses to state that Earth is not the only life form in the galaxy. Please keep an open mind when reading this. Science is far behind when dealing with UFOs. They are slowly putting information together but not as quickly as out minds. Many know we are not alone and over the years many resources have been used to cover contact with UFOs up. For more evidence check out our website.
With all the evidence to support other forms of life there is no reason to think we are the only living species out there.

Source: The Telegraph

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