Music: New Health Benefits Discoveries

Practically everyone loves music. It is perhaps the most common ground for communication. Whether we know it or not, music plays a very significant role in our lives. One way or another. It could be music that we use to workout with and keep our bodies in shape or even just theme music. Music has influenced many cultures all over the world since the beginning of time.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from; everyone loves music.” — Billy Joel

Music communicates with every ethnic group because everyone has a song. Consider there are a countless number of genres with new ones being created everyday. The wonderful thing about music is that it does communicate with everyone is some shape, form or fashion. It will always be people that greatly appreciate music. Maybe it’s because music has so many appealing attributes and features such as artists, instruments, drums, sound effects, guitars, etc.

Music can be soothing. It has been discovered that music can be beneficial in one’s health. Music already puts the average person in a state of mind; good, bad, happy, sad, etc. Put to proper use; the proper tune could be used as therapy. Below are some findings that just may shock you.

How Can Music Be Beneficial To Your Health?

  • 1. Music increases visual and verbal skills

When children learn with music in their early stages, their brains are stimulated in the most positives ways. It enhances their verbal, communication and visual skills. (e.g.; An experiment was conducted using children that were between the ages of 8 and 11. This study revealed that children who were taking extra-curricular music courses were excelling in their speaking and visual abilities. Much better than the children who were not involved in music classes.)

  • 2. Music helps restore memory loss

Research indicates that being musically inclined (whether it is playing or just casually listening) will maintain a healthy brain. Music keeps our memorization skills sharp.

  • 3. Music gives you different experience of happiness

As stated earlier, music is capable of producing many emotions. Laughter is one of the greatest of these emotions. Certain songs will actually lift a person’s spirits. Gospel music is a would be a good example of “happy” music. However; different types of music make different types of people feel different emotions. That all depends on how the listener feels about the song.

  • 4. Music has a positive effect on our heart rate, pulse and blood pressure

As stated byGerman philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “We listen to music with our muscles.” Recent tests have revealed patients suffering from heart disease recover much faster when exposed to relaxing music. Another finding— uncovered at Massachusetts General Hospital— showed that heart patients who were exposed to music for half an hour lowered their blood pressure and reduced their heart rates dramatically. The study concluded that these patients were experiencing less stress than those patients who weren’t listening to music.

  • 5. Music improves the quality of sleep

Recent studies have indicated people that listen to music at different times of the day experience better sleep patterns; and even slept better as a result. Music could, in some cases, be an effective treatment for people with insomnia.

  • 6. Music strengthens the immune system and reduces pain

Music strengthens the immune system and reduces pain. In another experiment, music was found to be capable of significantly reducing levels of “cortisol”. Cortisol is a stress hormone that weakens the immune system. This puts people at risk of heart disease and also depletes the memory and learning ability. Among these are also high blood pressure and low bone density.

The same experiment revealed that listening to uplifting music for a little less than one hour can increase the levels of antibodies in your immune system. No other types of music were included in this study. One should listen to the music they generally prefer to have a good over physical effect on the immune system.

  • 7. Music can relieve depression

“The evidence suggests that music interventions may be useful as a complimentary treatment to people with cancer.” — Joke Bradt

Research conducted at Drexel University showed that cancer patients who were exposed to music experienced less anxiety. They also had lowered their blood pressure levels and they experienced better mood swings.

Music plays a very important role in our lives. From the reason why we listen to it — to the reason we why we need to listen to it. (I’m Kenneth Patterson, signing off.)

Source: Collective-Evolution

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