This marks the moment Prince Harry shares a chuckle when asked about his feelings on returning home during his brief visit to the UK. The Duke of Sussex is scheduled to deliver a speech at St. Paul’s Cathedral commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, despite reportedly being overlooked by his father upon his arrival in the UK. Yesterday, he was spotted leaving a gathering in Central London, casually walking towards a black Range Rover.

Dressed sharply, the prince greeted onlookers with a smile and a wave. As he walked with a black folder tucked under his arm, he nervously chuckled when asked about his feelings on being back home. Skillfully evading the question, he responded with a polite, “Nice to see you.”

This moment follows Harry’s acknowledgment that his father, King Charles, is too occupied to meet with him this week. Despite weeks of speculation surrounding a potential reunion, Harry’s spokesperson firmly declared that such a meeting “will not be possible due to His Majesty’s full schedule.”

Despite this disappointment, Harry attempted to maintain composure, expressing understanding of his father’s commitments and voicing his hope for a future reunion. However, the news undoubtedly struck him hard, especially considering his previous statement in February where he expressed optimism that Charles’s illness could serve as a catalyst for reconciliation within the Royal Family.

Prince Harry waves at onlookers as he walks with a black folder under his arm yesterday. Asked if he was happy to be home he nervously chuckles and says in response: 'Nice to see you'

Yesterday, Prince Harry strolled with a black folder under his arm, acknowledging onlookers with a wave. When asked about his feelings on returning home, he nervously chuckled and replied, “Nice to see you.”

While Harry was engaged in an event in East London yesterday, just three miles away or a 25-minute drive, Charles held a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiji at Buckingham Palace, later retiring to Clarence House.

Today, he begins with meetings at Buckingham Palace in the morning, followed by attendance at the first royal garden party of the season in the afternoon. Later, he is scheduled for his weekly audience with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and a Privy Council meeting extending well into the evening.

His spokesman clarified, “In response to the numerous inquiries and ongoing speculation regarding the possibility of the duke meeting with his father during his UK visit this week, unfortunately, it will not be feasible due to His Majesty’s packed schedule. The duke, naturally, respects his father’s busy agenda and diverse commitments, and looks forward to seeing him soon.”

Royal aides have consistently refrained from commenting on matters concerning the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, apprehensive of sparking further disputes across the Atlantic. However, shortly after Harry’s statement, palace officials casually announced a new joint engagement for Charles and his eldest son, William.

This engagement is among the many official commitments planned for the 75-year-old monarch in the upcoming months, following medical clearance to resume more public duties while continuing cancer treatment.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry waves upon his arrival at St. Paul’s for the Invictus service.

King Charles III leaving Windsor Castle yesterday

Yesterday, King Charles III departed from Windsor Castle.

Prince Harry at the Honourable Artillery Company in London yesterday
Yesterday, Prince Harry was spotted at the Honourable Artillery Company in London. He made his appearance at the Invictus Games event after flying back to the UK.
Tomorrow, he is anticipated to attend an undisclosed engagement outside London. There is speculation that Harry was not prompted to release a statement himself, as there appears to be minimal communication between the palace and his representatives.

Undoubtedly, the persistent speculation surrounding family dynamics threatened to overshadow the purpose of his visit and the work he is committed to achieving.

Despite stepping back from royal duties and residing outside the UK, the 39-year-old prince, still fifth in line to the throne, has arrived in London for several days of engagements revolving around the Paralympic-style Invictus Games, which he established in 2014 to support injured service personnel.

Yesterday, he participated in an event commemorating the games’ legacy. Today, he is slated to deliver a reading at a service in St. Paul’s Cathedral marking the event’s tenth anniversary. Reports from sources close to the Sussexes hinted at his strong desire to reconnect with his father during his stay.

Travelling solo, accompanied only by personal security guards, Harry cited concerns for his family’s safety as the reason for their absence, especially amid ongoing disputes with the Home Office over the withdrawal of his round-the-clock Metropolitan Police protection upon leaving the UK.

His arrival in the country went unnoticed until media outlets sympathetic to the Sussexes were informed of his attendance at a private panel discussion with TV presenter Louise Minchin at the Honourable Artillery Company.

Prince Harry onstage at an Invictus Games event yesterday

Yesterday, Prince Harry was seen on stage at an Invictus Games event.

Sources indicated that he had additional sessions in the afternoon, including a meeting with business leader Sir Keith Mills, the former chairman of the Invictus Games, followed by a private dinner.

Details regarding Prince Harry’s mode of travel—whether he arrived on a scheduled commercial flight or via a private jet from his California residence—and his accommodation remain unconfirmed. However, it is unlikely that he is staying in a royal residence, as he no longer has an official home in the country after being asked to vacate Frogmore, the Windsor residence he shared with Meghan.

During his intermittent visits, he is believed to have lodged in hotels or stayed with friends. Reports suggest that he intends to stay in the UK until tomorrow before departing for Nigeria, where he will reunite with his wife for a quasi-royal tour, ostensibly to promote the Invictus Games as well.

Prior to his recent visit, Harry had not seen his father in person for 17 months. However, after news of his father’s cancer diagnosis surfaced in February, he resolved to travel to London. Despite the King’s ongoing treatment, which necessitated his departure for recuperation at Sandringham, he managed to spend approximately half an hour with Harry.


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