Kylie Jenner was overwhelmed with emotion as her mother, Kris Jenner, unveiled a distressing health scare in the poignant preview for season five of The Kardashians.

In the gripping footage, a tearful Kris, aged 68, shares with her deeply affected children, “I had my scan – they found a cyst and a little tumor.”

The scene transitions to Kylie, 26, visibly distraught as she breaks into uncontrollable sobs, finding solace in the comforting embrace of her older sister Kendall, 28.

Kris’ current health condition remains undisclosed.

Recently, Kylie has been subject to baseless pregnancy rumors and persistent speculation about her alleged breakup with her boyfriend, Timothee Chalamet, aged 28.

Kylie Jenner broke down in tears as mom Kris Jenner revealed a terrifying health scare during the emotional trailer for season five of The Kardashians

During the emotional trailer for season five of The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner became visibly distraught as her mother, Kris Jenner, unveiled a frightening health scare.

In the harrowing clip, a tearful Kris, 68, is seen telling her devastated children: 'I had my scan - they found a cyst and a little tumor'

In the distressing footage, a tearful Kris, aged 68, is captured sharing with her deeply affected children, “I had my scan – they found a cyst and a small tumor.”

Last month, multiple sources refuted pregnancy speculation to Us Weekly. The mother-of-two shares daughter Stormi Webster, aged six, and son Aire Webster, aged two, with rapper ex Travis Scott, aged 32.

These sources also affirmed that Kylie and Timothee are “still dating” and navigating a long-distance relationship, despite rumors of a split.

“Kylie and Timothee have been maintaining contact while he’s been in [Manhattan] filming and are still together,” the insider stated.

Currently residing in California with her children, Kylie’s boyfriend Timothee has been occupied filming “A Complete Unknown,” a biopic about Bob Dylan, in New York City and New Jersey.

Pregnancy rumors emerged earlier in the month when comedian Daniel Tosh, aged 48, asserted the claim on his Tosh Show podcast.

“Here’s something wild. I went to the grocery store in Malibu, and I was chatting with an employee there. I usually avoid it, but I was talking to this guy, and I said, ‘Why were you guys closed yesterday?'”

“‘Well, I’m not supposed to discuss it,'” Tosh alleges the worker responded, claiming the Kardashian-Jenner crew had been filming the Season 5 finale of their show at the store.

“Spoiler alert. This random grocery store person is telling me that they rented out the entire store, shut it down, and then acted like they were grocery shopping.”

The trailer then cuts to Kylie, 26, sobbing before she is embraced by older sister Kendall, 28
The scene transitions to Kylie, aged 26, in tears as she is comforted by her older sister Kendall, aged 28.
Kendall is seen tearing up as she chats to Kylie

Kendall is observed getting emotional as she converses with Kylie.

Kris looks tense as she deals with Kourtney's high-risk pregnancy

Kris appears tense while handling Kourtney’s high-risk pregnancy.

Kylie has recently been at the center of false pregnancy speculation as well as ongoing rumors she has split from boyfriend Timothee Chalamet , 28; the duo seen in January 2024 at the Golden Globes in LA

Recently, Kylie has been the subject of unfounded pregnancy rumors and persistent speculation about her alleged breakup with boyfriend Timothee Chalamet, aged 28. The pair were spotted together at the Golden Globes in LA in January 2024.

“He added that he wasn’t validating the story: ‘I’m not verifying anything. This is what an employee at a grocery store in Malibu told me.’

Kylie and Timothee were initially linked in April 2023, and they made their public debut at Beyoncé’s birthday Renaissance concert in Los Angeles in August.

Since their affectionate display at the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills on January 7, Kylie hasn’t been seen with Chalamet.

In March, insiders confirmed to that the couple were still together, despite concerns about a possible breakup.

Insiders at the time claimed that the enamored pair intentionally retreated from the public eye to ‘safeguard’ their relationship, particularly because Timothee felt uneasy about the attention following their kiss at the Golden Globes, fearing it might overshadow his new film, Dune 2.”

The season five trailer for the reality TV show The Kardashians dropped on Wednesday morning. The most shocking part of the clip is seeing Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Khloe fight

On Wednesday morning, the season five trailer of the reality TV show “The Kardashians” was released. The most startling moment in the clip depicts Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Khloe engaged in a heated argument.

In one clip Kim is heard saying Khloe had a 'stick up her a**' and then she said the siren was 'very judgmental'The blonde is also told she is 'unbearable'

In one scene, Kim can be heard remarking that Khloe seems to have “a stick up her backside,” and later describes her as “very judgmental.” Khloe is also told she is “unbearable.”

According to a source speaking to, “Timothee didn’t appreciate all the attention he received with Kylie during the Golden Globes, and their kiss diverted focus from the purpose of his attendance. His priority is his burgeoning career, and he wants it to flourish based on his talent, not his personal life. He’s also keen on safeguarding his relationship with Kylie.”

The insider elaborated, “They are still together, but Timothee has chosen to maintain a low profile with Kylie, primarily to ensure that ‘Dune 2’ garners the spotlight and stands on its own merits.”

The source added that Kylie has been fully supportive of this decision.

The season five trailer of “The Kardashians” showcases a particularly surprising moment featuring Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Khloe engaged in a dispute.

Despite this conflict, the two sisters had appeared to grow exceptionally close in recent years, bonding over their shared experiences with motherhood.

Kourtney also talked how scary it was to have fetal surgery when pregnant with Rocky, her son with husband Travis Barke

Kourtney also discussed the frightening experience of undergoing fetal surgery while pregnant with Rocky, her son with husband Travis Barker.


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