When a child is born, the whole family is happy and excited and maybe the grandparents are the happiest because they spend time with their young grandchildren and why not help the parents raise them.

This is the reason why parents do not worry too much when leaving their children with grandparents, it is like leaving them in their second home.

For those lucky parents who have grandparents nearby who can drop them off for a break or run errands, you feel calm knowing your baby is in good hands.

Grandparents also benefit; It keeps them young, and for those who regularly care for their grandchildren, it can help them live longer.

David Waterhouse is a recently retired Dallas officer. His grandson and his parents, who live in Kentucky, call him “Pawpaw”.

He is a great grandpa and jumps on a plane anytime to take care of his precious grandson. But his family likes to make fun of him because he’s not the most tech-savvy and they still use the foldable phone.

David doesn’t socialize or anything online unless he has to, but what he likes to do is take pictures with his foldable phone.

When it came time for David to spend some quality time with his grandson, he couldn’t wait. His parents were having a great vacation and David was ready to help.

David used his photography skills to let mum and dad know what their son was up to and put Ty next to a letter he had written for them telling them about his day.

This grandpa’s notes are not only cute but fun, and they show how much he enjoys spending time with his adorable grandson.