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Behold the Opulent Presidential Suite: Harry and Meghan’s Residence During Their Nigerian Visit – With Officials Extending an Invitation for a Return Later This Year.

During Meghan and Harry’s unconventional tour, reminiscent of royal protocols, the couple experienced a presidential ambiance, traversing Abuja and Lagos in a convoy of 14 cars, escorted by soldiers donning balaclavas and armed with machine guns.

Initially slated for the Transcorp Hilton, security concerns and logistical considerations, particularly due to a significant assembly of African leaders, prompted a relocation to the Fraser Suites.

The Duke and Duchess, accompanied by their security detail, Invictus Games directors, and aides, commandeered the entire upper floor of the Fraser Suites in downtown Abuja, serving as their headquarters for the journey that commenced on Friday.

The hotel in Nigeria where Prince Harry and wife Meghan stayed whilst on their mini tour of Nigeria over the weekend

The Nigerian hotel chosen by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan for their brief tour over the weekend.

Prince Harry, left, and Meghan, right, holding hands upon arrival at the government house in Lagos Nigeria on Sunday, May 12

On Sunday, May 12, Prince Harry and Meghan arrived at the government house in Lagos, Nigeria, hand in hand.

Inside one of the luxury apartments in the Fraser Suites hotel block where Harry and Meghan stayed

Exploring the Lavish Interior of the Fraser Suites Hotel Apartment, Harry and Meghan’s Residence During Their Stay

The Sussexes were invited to the West African nation by its military, with their three-day visit intended to promote mental health for soldiers and empower young people

Invited by the military of the West African nation, the Sussexes embarked on a three-day visit aimed at advocating for mental health support for soldiers and fostering empowerment among the youth.

The Fraser Suites, boasting partner hotels in Paris and London, presents itself on its website as the ultimate choice for both business and leisure travelers, emphasizing its flawless amenities, services, and secure location.

During their stay, Meghan and Harry resided in the lavish four-bedroom executive penthouse on the hotel’s top floor, complete with its own living and dining areas, offering breathtaking views of Nigeria’s capital.

Utilizing the hotel as their hub, the couple managed their multiple wardrobe changes throughout the trip, commencing on Friday and concluding on Sunday night with a charitable polo match and fundraiser in Lagos. Departing early Monday morning from Abuja, they received a military escort back to the capital after flying in from Lagos.

In addition to its state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool, two restaurants, and private gardens, the Fraser Suites catered to the couple’s needs, with Harry and Meghan opting to dine in the privacy of their suite, steering clear of public areas within the hotel.

The modern kitchen inside the Fraser Suites hotel block where Harry and Meghan were staying

The contemporary kitchen within the Fraser Suites hotel block served as the culinary hub for Harry and Meghan during their stay.

An exterior view of the Fraser Suites in central Abuja which was Harry and Meghan's base for the weekend

A glimpse of the exterior of Fraser Suites in downtown Abuja, serving as the weekend sanctuary for Harry and Meghan.

The outdoor pool and poolside sunbeds at the hotel where Meghan and Harry were staying this weekend

The outdoor pool area and sun loungers at the hotel served as the leisure retreat for Meghan and Harry during their weekend stay.

A member of the staff shared, “Initially, we were instructed not to disclose their stay, but now that they’ve departed, it’s permissible to share. They arrived early Friday morning and departed early Monday morning for their British Airways flight back to London.”

Originally slated elsewhere, their relocation to this quieter and more discreet hotel was prompted by security concerns and concurrent events. Reflecting on their presence, the staff member remarked, “Though my interaction was brief, they seemed content during their time in Nigeria. Meghan, particularly, received warm reception owing to her Nigerian heritage.”

Meghan’s revelation of her Nigerian ancestry, declaring the West African nation as “my country” during a public address, stirred excitement among locals. Sussex Squad enthusiasts, avid fans of the couple, trailed them throughout their journey, proudly waving flags adorned with their images and affectionately referring to Meghan as their “sister.”

Upon learning of her ancestry, Meghan promptly reached out to her mother to share the discovery, eager to explore any familial connections.

Meghan and Harry had the four bedroom £3,000 a night executive penthouse on the top floor

Meghan and Harry resided in the luxurious four-bedroom executive penthouse, priced at £3,000 per night, situated on the top floor of the hotel.

The luxury apartment has modern furnishings and costs £3,000 per night

The opulent apartment features contemporary décor and commands a nightly rate of £3,000.

One of the bedrooms at the hotel which has beautiful views over the city

A bedroom within the hotel boasting stunning cityscape vistas.

Meghan pictured at the Giant of Africa Foundation at the Dream Big Basketball clinic in Lagos this weekend

This weekend, Meghan was photographed at the Giant of Africa Foundation during the Dream Big Basketball clinic in Lagos.

Three Kings - His Eminence Engr Eberechukwu Oji, Eze Aro of Ancient Arochukwu Kingdom, Igwe Alfred Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha and Great Olu Of Warri Kingdom - took party in the naming ceremony

Three esteemed figures—His Eminence Engr Eberechukwu Oji, Eze Aro of Ancient Arochukwu Kingdom, Igwe Alfred Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha, and the Great Olu Of Warri Kingdom—participated in the naming ceremony.

Meghan expressed her excitement about the discovery, noting that it was a deeply enlightening and humbling experience to delve into her heritage, emphasizing that this journey was just the beginning.

Invited by the Chief of Defence Staff, Charles Musa, Harry was eager to spotlight Nigeria’s involvement in his Invictus Games initiative, aimed at supporting wounded service personnel.

During interactions with military leaders, Meghan expressed gratitude for their warm reception, affectionately referring to Nigeria as “home.” She proudly adorned traditional Nigerian attire on the trip’s final day, a gift from dignitaries received on Saturday.

Nigeria’s Air Vice Marshal Abidemi Marquis exclusively disclosed to MailOnline that he extended an invitation for the couple to return in November for the African Military Games, further solidifying their connection to the nation.

Meghan Markle has been showered with love from Nigerian fans who have welcomed their 'new princess' during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit to the nation

During the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit to Nigeria, Meghan Markle has been embraced warmly by Nigerian fans, who affectionately welcome their “new princess.”

He remarked, “Harry and Meghan’s visit was an incredible success, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as our honored guests. They were particularly moved by the warm reception, especially Meghan, given her Nigerian heritage.”

“The primary aim of the visit, to showcase Nigeria’s support for its wounded soldiers, was achieved. Additionally, it provided them with an opportunity to experience a country they had not previously visited.”

“Their joy was palpable, evident in their constant smiles and waves. I have extended an invitation for them to return for the African Military Games later this year. They expressed their hope to attend, and they are always welcome here, especially with Meghan having Nigerian roots.”

Reflecting on Harry’s solo visit to a military hospital in Kaduna, regarded as a hazardous area, AVM Marquis commended Harry for his empathy in engaging with injured soldiers.

In an almost Mother Theresa-esque tribute, he stated, “Harry’s presence was a morale booster for the wounded and injured soldiers. His words of encouragement lifted their spirits and instilled courage in them to face their challenges.”

“The soldiers, as well as the children and everyone they encountered, were elated to see Harry and Meghan. Their presence brought joy to those they met, which is why they are warmly welcomed back anytime.”



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