Mr. and Mrs. Foster, from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, have welcomed nearly 200 children into their home over the past 32 years. William, 82, and Jean, 74, have provided care ranging from days to years for these foster children. Presently, they’re tending to two infants, aged 10 and 15 months. Their dedication extends beyond fostering; they’ve also adopted a girl, now in her 30s, who has since become a parent herself, with four children of her own.

Mrs. Foster expressed, “Though challenging, fostering isn’t easy, and we encounter some incredibly tough cases. However, the rewards are immeasurable; we genuinely adore what we do. It involves sacrifices, creating a warm and inclusive environment for the children, making them feel like they truly belong to the family. Ultimately, that’s what matters most to us.”

William Foster, 82, and his wife Jean, 74, (pictured, holding a photograph of some of the children they have taken in) have fostered children for days, months or years

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William Foster, 82, and his wife Jean, 74, (pictured, holding a photograph of some of the children they have taken in) have fostered children for days, months or years

William Foster, 82 and his wife, Jean, 74 from Burton-on-Trent with two of their nine children, daughters Naomi Foster, 34 and Tammy McGill, 41

William Foster, 82, along with his wife Jean, 74, hails from Burton-on-Trent. They stand alongside two of their nine children, daughters Naomi Foster, 34, and Tammy McGill, 41.

“We maintain close connections with many of the children we’ve fostered; they often come to visit us. It’s heartening to witness the success stories of those who have been adopted after being in our care—they’re thriving. The joy we feel when we see them doing well is unparalleled; it truly is the most fulfilling job in the world.

“We derive immense satisfaction from our work; we cherish children, and our greatest reward is seeing them leave with smiles on their faces. Christmas is an especially bustling time for us, as we’re visited by the children we’ve cared for. We usually host multiple Christmas dinners to accommodate everyone around the table.

“Some may believe that once you’re over 50, you’re too old to foster, but we disagree. In fact, we believe it’s the ideal time because you’re mature and have ample time to dedicate to the children.”

Our age has never been a factor; fostering has been a constant in our lives. The presence of children keeps us youthful, as our home has always been filled with their laughter and energy. We are passionate about what we do.

“We’ve cared for children for varying lengths of time; some for just a few days, others for several months, and in some remarkable cases, for over 30 years.”

With a total of nine children, including two whom we’ve adopted, and more than 15 great-grandchildren, our family continues to grow and evolve.

Mr. Foster shared, “My favorite aspect of this journey is the sheer joy it brings me. Every part of it is rewarding, but what I cherish most is our shared experiences. Whether it’s changing diapers or giving baths, we do it all together.”

The couple (pictured) who are currently looking after two babies, aged 10 and 15 months, even adopted one girl, who is now in her 30s with four children of her own.

The couple, captured in a photograph, are presently caring for two infants, aged 10 and 15 months. Notably, they also welcomed a girl into their family through adoption. Now in her 30s, she has grown into a parent herself, with four children of her own.
Naomi Foster as a baby. She was supposed to stay with the couple for a weekend, but eventually they adopted her

Naomi Foster pictured here as an infant. Initially intended to spend just a weekend with the couple, she eventually became a permanent part of their family through adoption.

“The only dilemma arises when they leave; accustomed to preparing hearty meals, we find ourselves with an abundance of food and no one to share it with.”

Mr. and Mrs. Foster embarked on their fostering journey in 1983, and since then, they’ve provided care for a total of 186 children, ranging from brief stays to months and even years.

One of their foster children, Naomi, initially expected to spend just a weekend with them, remained in their care for five years. Eventually, they decided to make her placement permanent.

Mrs. Foster explained, “After being with us for such an extended period, we couldn’t bear to see her leave. So, we applied to adopt her, and our application was approved.”

Naomi Foster as a little girlMs Foster (pictured as a youngster) said the couple have been 'amazing since day one'

Mother-of-four, Naomi Foster (pictured when she was a child) added: ‘They’re amazing parents, loving, caring and so fun.’ She added: ‘These two have just been amazing since day one’

The now mother-of-four, Naomi added: ‘They’re amazing parents, loving, caring and so fun.

‘We had lots of animals and I had lots of fun growing up, I also met so many people throughout my childhood, so many kids to play with as I grew up.

‘Foster care is so important, and these two have just been amazing since day one.

‘I always come up for family occasions, Christmas is crazy here, the house turns into a grotto.’

The couple say that the job they do has kept them young and even now are currently fostering two toddlers under 1 years old and do not plan on stopping their dream jobs any time soon.

Mrs Foster added: ‘We’re just so used to the job now and we love seeing the kids, I think it would surprise a lot of people to realise just how rewarding this job can be after such a long time doing it.

‘We love the job, and we love being around the kids, so we certainly won’t be hanging up our gloves yet.’


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