The Experiences And Journey Of The Awakening Mind

I would like to discuss with you a particular type of loneliness, one which may be the most debilitating form of the condition. Loneliness can be referred to as a strong sense of feeling disconnected from others, even to the extent of feeling abandoned; it can be experienced as a feeling of isolation and a sense that you are different from others. This difficult situationbecomes worsefor you when family, friends and work colleagues start to regard you in a different light.

Rather than being in awe of the positive changes about you, they appear disappointed in your apparent change of attitude and express concern for your mental stability! These people mean well, but they could be seen to be those who are mentally and spiritually ‘asleep’, whereas you are becoming mentally and spiritually ‘awake’.

The mind which awakes

I use the word ‘awakening’ because the whole experience seems fluid by nature and very dynamic. I doubt whether I would recognise or completely appreciate such an ‘awake’mind because few such minds exist. However, for those of us experiencing the different stages of wakening, I can see you as clearly as you can see me.

Mostly, a mind in the process of awakening radiates at a higher vibration, and one which is different to that of most others. This ‘higher vibration’ naturally seeks to resonate harmonically with those energies which are complimentary or similar to it; therefore it will often resonate best with other like-mindedindividuals. However, it is wise to realise that this ‘higher vibration’ can create discord with those minds resonating at a lower vibration.

The type of discord I refer to can be explained by imagining that you play a non-complimentary note on two pianos, one such piano also being out of tune, and the lack of harmony this produces. The only difference here is that the resonance in our minds lives within the spiritual and psychic realms. In order to explain myself when I refer to experiencing higher or lower vibrations, I should be clear that no state of being is superior to another one; we all have choices of where we wish to be in life. However, I feel that many people are at a stage of limited awareness, whilst this does not make them worth less or make them incapable as human beings; such people are simply most ‘tuned in’ to this level of vibrational awareness.

We should give credit to this level of vibrational density as being inspiring, as it is so powerful that it can create and uphold such a brilliant false paradigm that our conscious mind will accept it as the truth. However, you may have seen beyond the illusion and realised what awaits there for the awakening mind.

Leaving the matrix behind.

The higher vibrations which an awakening mind experiences will allow you to experience a wider, more stimulating view, such as when you step up a ladder and look down to observe how the lower vibrations work. It takes courage to climb this ladder, an enquiring mind and a high level of intelligence of a ‘functional’ type. This hypothetical ladder is arduous to climb, requiring more effort than some wish to give. Those people referred to previously as ‘sleepers’ may not recognise this ladder, see that it is available to them, or recognise its benefits.

Instead of looking upwards whilst stood on the lower rungs, many look down, which can result in the person experiencing a false sense of personal importance, or absolute power over their world. People existing on the lower rungs are often easily entertained, being prone to the influence of hypnotic suggestion created by television. Any individual or situation which challenges the sleepers’ way of experiencing life will be ignored as a threat or as alien to them.

How adrenalin affects the slide

Imagine a slide and how it is used, climbing upwards is harder work as there are many steps to the top. However, physically sliding downwards lasts a short time but gives a brief rush of excitement. This slide analogy can be applied to the spiritual realm, the media constantly targeting the sleepers with stories of high drama and tragedy, providing them with a habit forming adrenalin rush; this quickly catapults them into a lower vibrational state.

As the day progresses, the sleepers rebuild their energy levels, but their journey on that hypothetical slide soon repeats itself in an endless cycle.

It’s lonely at the top too

Those who read the ‘Rattleberry Pie’ have an excellent view on top of the ladder, recognising the view is far better than experiencing the fall. They have seen almost indescribable things from the top, their ever awakening minds building hypothetical steps up into the clouds. From such a height they are surprised that such a small looking ladder was their inspiration to climb; it no longer seems an option to slide down again.

You will find that your mind is awakened and it cannot ‘sleep’ again. However, do be aware that being ata great spiritual height can cause loneliness, and a need for your vibrant mind to be kept stimulated by similar minds to yours.

And Finally…..

To experience a truly awakened mind is a rare gift, taking a strong, courageous individual to attain such high stages of enlightenment. Any human being, or ‘Indigo’ or ‘Crystal’ who can successfully recognise and harness their full potential has the ability to experience awakening. As you awaken, you may consider your moral duty to try and awaken those who sleep. From personal observation and experience I recommend you leave them to sleep, instead using time and a slow incremental approach to help them to find their own potential for spiritual awakening.

Simply lead by example, projecting happiness, exuberance and health to others, and radiate truth and love. Reject feelings of anger in favour of awareness, and assist the sleepers to leave their adrenalin rush behind to reach the highest point of the ladder, from there observing the beautiful view.

You are blessed as you have found thegift of awareness, and contribute in a lively and considerable way to others. They will feel your vibration and may attempt to resonate with you in future. You may feel isolated sometimes, but eventually others will see you in your loneliness and join you, relieving feelings of isolation. Please know that you are never alone as we gratefully sense your presence, and love you beyond measure.

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