Enhancing Your Overall Happiness In The Last 30 Minutes Of Your Day

How do you spend the last 30 minutes of your day? You may be shocked to find out that how you finish up your day can have an impact on your overall level of happiness. Sure, it may feel relaxing to sit down in front of the TV and catch up on your friend’s Facebook post, but these activities can actually hinder your ability to achieve happiness. The following looks at the healthy habits of happy people. Keep in mind that it doesn’t particularly matter how much time you allot to each thing. The goal is to end your day on a high note to set up tomorrow to be a good (and happy) day.

During the last 30 minutes of the day, happy people:

Find a quiet place

Happy people tend to find a spot, away from the noise of their family and the distraction of their phone, to sit down and contemplate their day. This allows them to consider any mistakes they may have made and forgive themselves, while putting any challenges they faced into perspective. By doing this, they reignite their passion for life, as well their natural creativity and curiosity.
Visit their affirmations

While happy people are innately on a quest for self-growth and improvement, they also have a clear idea of what makes them happy. By creating affirmations that support their growth, they stay focused on their goals, without taking their happiness for granted.

Plan for tomorrow

Whether they put it down on paper or simply create a to-do list in their head, happy people assess what they need to do tomorrow. Instead of focusing on completed tasks they need to achieve, they break things down to track their progress, make adjustments when needed, and pay attention to what is going on around them. Staying in the moment allows them to grow, evolve, and remain happy. Waking up without a clear idea of what we need to achieve and do causes unnecessary stress that prevents happiness.

Finally, they disconnect completely before reconnecting.

Truly happy people take the opportunity to completely disconnect from technology. This includes shutting down their computer, turning off the TV, and putting their phone on silent. This gives them the opportunity to truly connect with their loved ones, without a ton of distractions.

The truth is that happy people know that a significant part of their happiness is the direct influence of the people they love. As a result, they do their absolute best to honor their relationship by being present and offering protection and love.

If you are struggling to find real and lasting happiness in your life, it is time to find what you have been missing. If your bedtime routine is filled with chaos or you frequently find yourself going and going until you finally fall asleep on the couch, now is the perfect time to change your routine. Adopt one, two, or all of the healthy habits discussed above and see what a difference it makes in your level of happiness.


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