How To Clear Out Bad Vibes: 5 Ways To Neutralize Negativity

Even if we try hard to maintain a positive attitude towards life, negativity around us can still have a detrimental impact on our mood. Being in an environment or around people that promote negative thoughts can be draining and sometimes difficult to cope with, especially if you are finding the situation overwhelming.

There are techniques thatare available to help reduce the impact that negative situations have on you and makeit easier to return to a more positive frame of mind.Instead of simply trying to combat any horrible feelings and thoughts it is sometimes easier to accept your feelings and release them,before moving on.

If you find negative situations can really get you down, try the following strategies to help you manage you feelings more effectively;

1. Take a Break

If you are in the middle of a project or task and negative feelings arise, stop what you are doing, by trying to continue you will only fuel any negative situations and find it difficult to focus on what you are doing. Take a short break and clear your mind, consider if you can find a way to make the situation easier, then return to your task when you are feeling calmer. This will help prevent negative feelings building up and also help you to achieve better results.
If you find you are dwelling on negative thoughts too much, take a break from these as well. Tell yourself to return to worrying about the situation later and try and think about other things, perhaps even do an activity to help take your mind off things.

2. Take a Nap

Taking a sleep is a great way to restore the bodies natural vibrations and refresh the mind. Although it can sometimes be difficult to sleep if we are feeling high emotions such as anger or worry, other emotions such as sadness welcome sleep more easily. Before drifting off, tell yourself that you are planning to wake, refreshed and in a much better frame of mind.

3. Meditate

Taking out around 10-15 minutes to meditate can really help to clear your mind from any unwanted thought and restore a sense of inner calm. The great thing about this, is it is possible to meditate in most places for a short time throughout the day.

4. Think about Things you Love

By reminding yourself of the things you have in your live that you love and are grateful for it will be possible for you to feel much more positive. Reflecting on things that make us feel happy and contented can be a really powerful tool to help combat any negative thoughts of feelings.

5. Go For a Drive

By actually driving away from a negative situation, you are able to physically leave it behind you for a while. A change of scenery and some time away can help to refresh the mind and stop you from focusing on problems. Playing some music during the drive can also be a really positive way to release any negative feeling or thoughts.

Movement in itself can help change the vibrations within the body, helping us to feel calmer. By having a change of scene and doing something different, along with the effect of motion you will find is much easier to return to a better frame of mind fairly quickly.

If you have any top tips to help beat negative feelings, feel free to share them, by commenting below.


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