Choose A Crystal And Discover What It Means About You

Look at the crystals below and pick out the one you feel most drawn to,make sure this choice is instinctive and not just your favorite color. Then using the guide below you can find out the meaning of your chosen stone, and what it can tell you about yourself;

1. Blue Howlite

This stone relates to communication, if you chose Blue Howlite, it is probably an indication that you have some issues in your life surrounding this. Consider if you need to speak out about something that is bothering you, if someone isn’t listening to your needs, or if you have been overlooking someone else’s opinion lately.
Blue Howlite is associated with the throat chakra, also including the ears. Having a sore throat can sometimes be caused by emotion due to not speaking out when you are hurt or upset, speaking harshly to others, or by simply not feeling that when you are speaking you words have much effect. Perhaps you should pay some attention to these problems and see if you can find a way to move forward?
If you have problems with your ears more often this could be a sign that you are not allowing yourself to listen enough, maybe you are blocking out those that are around you, or perhaps you should pay more attention to your own inner-voice. Are you ignoring your own needs and desires, or perhaps somebody around you is highly critical or negative towards you?
Another aspect of this stone is that the blue is actually achieved using a dye, this could indicate that you try and give an impression to others that is not a true reflection of who you are. Maybe you should stop trying to mask your personality to the outside world and have a little more self-confidence regarding your own worth and strengths as an individual.

2. Green Aventurine.

Green represents the heart chakra, which is at the center of the lower and higher chakras, representing balance, harmony,healing, the heart and love. Choosing this stone represents that you probably need to pay a bit more attention to your emotional needs.
If you have picked this stone out you need to achieve more balance within your emotional life and center yourself a little more. Sometimes we close ourselves off to receiving love and support from others, due to past bad experiences and blocking this chakra, this can make it difficult to socialize and really connect with other people. By nurturing yourself to promote emotional healing, you will allow yourself to recognize your true self-worth and in turn, so will others.
The color green is a sign of healing and growth, spending time within the greenness of nature can balance the heart chakra and promote feelings of well-being and peace.
Choosing this stone could also possibly be a sign of underlying weakness within the heart and lungs so if you have concerns about your physical health in these areas,you should maybe get them checked out.

3. Citrine
Relating to will or the power you hold over your life, Citrine represents the Solar Plexus. Perhaps you feel that other people hold too much power over you, that you need to regain some control over your life or that a lack of self esteem is preventing you from taking enough initiative, when making important decisions about your life. By focusing on what you are able to achieve and recognizing your abilities you will be able to become less dependent on others and move towards your goals.
Visualize achieving your dreams, make yourself some targets to help you reach your goals and then have faith in yourself while you carry out the required actions.Remember mistakes are a learning process not a sign of failure and with dedication you can achieve more than you believe possible.
Citrine also represents abundance, so you could be about to experience good fortune of some kind, perhaps a resolving of money worries or a gift or windfall. By feeling deserving of luck you will allow good fortune to enter your life.


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