Changing Your Perceptions To Realign Your Realities

Existentialism plays a huge part in everyone’s daily life- or the idea of being part of something bigger. Possibilities are endless for any person in the world as long as you acknowledge that there are aspects of life that are bigger than yourself. The power of humanity, it seems, is rising above the multitude of things that are seemingly holding us back at every turn, holding us back from rising above things that are evident everyone’s lives. To experience the true realm of emotions and experiences for us on earth, we have to have attachment to several integral feelings that define the human condition: love, fear, anger, greed, lust, and so forth- but if we live without feeling these feelings we are hardly human at all. To these means, it is essential to experience our limitations to our fullest to feel the most “human.”

We are tied to a collective system of beliefs and ideas from birth, and while it would seem easy to escape these bonds on our souls, often it is impossible because as we age we forget our limitless opportunity to dream and seek higher thoughts and emotions, and we lose our freedoms because of the things that we experience, all of our trials and tribulations that help define us as adults. In other words, we are conditioned to believe certain things because we are ingrained in these schools of thought, but in reality, these sorts of things aren’t barriers at all.

As humans living lives of mediocrity and unimportance, we set certain meanings to the things we believe. We feel old, therefore we age. We cannot be constantly happy, therefore we aren’t. We have decided that it’s impossible to be affluent, therefore we never will be. We’re convinced that we are unhealthy, and therefore we are- this string of thoughts and restraints can be severed by realizing that our negative feelings can be reversed by having more positive thoughts and reactions.

To rise above the things that are holding us back, we have to create energetic constructs that allow us to view the world as we want it to be, instead of being stuck believing what everyone tells us. In reality there are very few things in the world that are truly concrete in life, and we must remember that we exist in larger forms than we actually are, outside of our physical bodies- our energies extend far outside our bodies, powering our life forces to do extraordinary things that would otherwise be impossible.

In life, as we collect our wide variety of experiences that help define us as people- some painful, some joyous, some sad or somewhere in the middle- all of these experiences are so intrinsic to our self growth, shining from our soul into the cracks and crevices forming the darkness, fear and pain around us, translating these feelings into our own incredible journey. As humans, we must experience pain to understand what true happiness is- if we never grew and evolved from our experiences we simply would cease to have identities. It’s important to remember that it’s not the experiences that define our existence, but more the way that we deal with our individual experiences that help mold and shape us.

Understand that the goal is not to become 100% positive in every single endeavor in our lives; because if we’re living full lives we long to face anger, pain and suffering simply to help us place our perspectives of these experiences to help us understand their purpose. We must face our pain, anguish and fears face on- overcoming them to become much stronger than we would have ever thought possible. The evolution of our past experiences into our collective lexicons of thought have to be expanded to integrate past experiences into our collective minds, learning in the present moment, understanding that what makes us who we are is defined by our experiences from the current time in history into the foreseeable future and every step in between.

Our polarities of love and fear descend as we grow. We watch our world change with our alignment, seeing the bigger picture and understanding more and more where we fit in; understanding even that the grand scale of humanity is truly experienced from a spiritual perspective that we simply cannot understand at the current point in time because of our personal chaos that is surrounding us- but the products of these chaotic events are catastrophic change and understanding. To achieve true clairvoyance, we must make a conscious effort to interpret our crises and work through them, making a point to understand who we want to be, and who we are. It’s important not to get sucked into the war, violence, economic collapses, disasters, political agendas or climate- things that we cannot change cannot bring you peace.

You must begin to connect with other life forms, beginning to understand the connections between each and every living thing; letting your heart function instead of your brain, understanding emotions on a much deeper level, and the turn of humanity will begin to accept all life as equal and our hearts will be fulfilled.

You must understand that reasons that you feel the way you do, as well. Your connectivity is only as suspect as your discipline, and these changes should be the most paramount things in your rise to becoming a higher being. Realize that change is inevitable and painful, and expect that through your change in perspective you will understand the steps that you need to take to become who you need to be.

Source: Walking Times

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