Your Birth Month Can Reveal A Lot!

Everybody knows about the Zodiac, and most of us have learned about the many characteristics that appear to accompany each sign. While not everyone believes implicitly in the validity of this method of character analysis, most will have to agree that when looked at objectively, there seems to be a lot of truth inherent in the connection between the individual and the Zodiac sign under which he or she was born.

But few realize that the month in which they were born can be another powerful indicator of their general character and demeanor. It can not only affect their thoughts and feelings, but it can also give clear indications to others as they interact with them in daily life. Just as with the Zodiac, this is traceable to the alignment of the stars at the time of their birth. Below we’ve published a month-by-month list of the characteristics often to be found in individuals born in that time period.

What Your Birth Month Tells You

January means a hard-worker, and one who is not shy in speaking out. January babies can be stubborn, downright headstrong and can’t stand being bossed around. They typically do much better when left alone without supervision. Due to their drive and will to succeed at the job at hand, they seldom want to have to stop and listen to others. Overall, these are positive indications of a strong character that shines brightly enough to make others listen and willing to bow to that person’s ideas.

February babies almost invariably have a creative streak and relish the sight of a new project. Intellectually inclined, they don’t enjoy the company of persons they deem shallow and prefer more lofty conversation than the normal water cooler banter. Many think of February babies as free spirits and normally this is a truth in that they revolt at many of the more rigid rules of everyday living. They appear to prefer the company of other free spirits while at the same time being an honest and loyal friend and partner.

March is the month for persons who are not only imaginative but creative. However, they have a tendency to be introspective, quiet individuals who find adequate company within their own heads without feeling the constant need for interaction with others. Often active in one or more of the arts, they enjoy this time alone with their thoughts and their work. While kind and friendly, they prefer not to reveal too much of themselves to others, and avoid crowds, noisy venues and seek out quiet peaceful surroundings.

April is the month that produces persons who are natural show-offs. They crave attention and the spotlight. Unlikely to be receptive to orders, they go their own way but also make efficient leaders. Adventuresome and curious any new experience that promises a bit of excitement will appeal to them. They can, however, show a tendency to become obnoxiously loud while at the same time, being open to express their feelings to others.

Although May babies have many positive qualities, they do tend to be fickle and changeable. One moment they want one thing and the next, it’s something else. Capable in expressing their thoughts, they enjoy talking to others and exchanging ideas. Active in their social lives, they prefer the company of others to solitude, and really enjoy an intelligent and stimulating conversation with others of like mind. They are always on the lookout for amusing excitements because of a tendency to become easily bored.

This is a month that brings forth very sensitive individuals. They are not only sensitive but openly care about the feelings of others, yet are shy and soft-spoken at the same time. June birthers are creative and often look far ahead into the future as they plan creations and ideas that may benefit the world. Although June babies are not always able to openly express their inner feelings, they’re full of wonderful ideas they need to figure out how to bring to life.

July babies share much of the same characteristic personality of June babies. They are, however, more extroverted and can be spontaneous. These are persons who live for adventure and the enjoyment of life. While they appear on the surface to be happy-go-lucky and confident, they may feel quite differently within but keep their true feelings secret from others. Others enjoy the high-energy July persons have and it keeps them feeling more energetic as well.

This is a month for natural-born leaders. These are individuals who never hesitate to express their own opinions. Although some many consider them bossy and opinionated, they nevertheless have good and understanding hearts. They often do however, have a tendency to become a victim of their own rigid way of thinking and become locked into ideas that do not always make life easier. They prefer to go through life in a logical, one step at a time fashion, but because of the fact that they find it difficult to express their inner feelings, many fail to see the human side of these individuals and may consider them to be difficult as co-workers or companions.

September babies will grow to have high expectations of others and therefore, are easily disappointed when so many fail to life up to expectations. They can easily hold a grudge against those who they believe may have failed to meet their expectations. Being perfectionists, they have a high bar to which they hold themselves as well as others. At the same time, they are usually sensual and creative persons who in the end, are kind while having difficulty expressing these feelings of kindness.

Those born in October prefer a neat balance and stability in every aspect of their daily lives. They generally express a positive outlook and detest confrontations, seeking to avoid them at all costs. Active on the social scene they love their friends, remain loyal and in the company of others, can be charming and vivacious. At the same time, these individuals manage normally to remain quite independent as well.

November babies tend to be of a secretive nature. They seldom express their true feelings to others and do not want others trying to tell them what to think or do. They prefer to make their own way through life. Being of a somewhat adventurous nature, they often leap in before thinking the situation through or considering the possible consequences of their actions.

This is the month that produces generous and adventurous persons. Pride can however, make life a problem at times and they have little patience with persons who may not agree with them. Active, they can’t sit still for long periods. Their free spirited behavior and attitude make them cheery and entertaining and popular with others.

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