The Age Of Aspartame May Be Coming To An End As More Health Risks Are Confirmed

Those women who drank two or more diet drinks containing aspartame each day had a 50% increased rate of heart problems over women who drank no diet drinks with aspartame. Add this to the long list of problems caused by aspartame: brain and neurological problems, declining kidney function, leukemia and lymphoma, to name just a few.

Aspartame was once illegal to use. Twice the FDA banned it because research showed there was a serious link between major health problems, including brain tumors, and aspartame. During the 1960s and 1970s a large criminal investigation into the food and drug manufacture of those making aspartame was undertaken. Shoddy testing practices were revealed and aspartame stayed illegal. That is, until one day a corrupt political group decided that this ban needed to be overturned.

A study done by the University of Iowa has stated that:

Women who consume 2 or more diet drinks each day have a 30% greater chance of having a heart attack of stroke, and a 50% greater chance of dying from these diseases.

This is one of the largest studies on aspartame and the findings match those of earlier studies, especially those studies that have linked diet drinks to the metabolic syndrome.These results were the same even after researchers adjusted their data to include things like demographics, cardiovascular risks, hypertension, high cholesterol, body mass index, diabetes, hormone therapy, physical activity, smoking, amount of salt in diet, and amount of sugar-sweetened drinks consumed each day.Women who drank at least 2 diet drinks a day were often overweight smokers who have higher rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. These drinks not only cause heart problems, but also disrupt the natural metabolic responses to real sugar.This causes these women to become hyperglycemic – where blood sugars get too high. Drinking diet drinks also depletes the supply of heart-protective proteins. Over a long period of time, drinking diet drinks actually takes away that special protein that protects you and your cardiovascular health. Most of us drink diet drinks under the assumption that we are doing something good to control our weight. A zero calorie drink should promote weight loss, but the effect is actually the opposite – diet drinks promote weight gain. Artificial sweeteners actually increase your hunger, making you eat more, while drinking no calories and a bunch of stuff that only harms your body.Even chewing gum with aspartame can make you hungry.

All it takes is a piece of gum with 0.3% aspartame for women, and 0.5% for men, to increase hunger and make them want more than the diet gum.High concentrations of aspartame will decrease your appetite at first, but that is soon followed by a marked increase in your hunger. Thus, your sex, the time after you are done chewing, and the amount of sweetener you are consuming are all important in determining whether or not sweetness actually increases your hunger.It is about time we said a final goodbye to aspartame. Right now there are 166 different studies that have been completed on aspartame. 92 of these studies were done by independently funded groups, while the remaining 74 were done by Nutrasweet. Of course, 100% of Nutrasweet’s studies found aspartame to be safe for human consumption. However, in the independent group 92% of them found aspartame to be a very harmful substance.

The 7 studies out of the 92 (8%) who said aspartame was not harmful to humans were conducted by the FDA.As the industry bids farewell to the nastiness of aspartame, sneaky new tactics are being employed to continue feeding us these chemicals. PepsiCo now has Sweetmyx (S617) in their products. Senomyx, a biotech company that makes flavor enhancing food additives and novel flavor modifiers, makes Sweetmyx. This additive has recently been given the “Generally Recognized as Safe” status. PepsiCo is now allowed to use this additive because it is labeled as a “flavor additive” and not as an artificial sweetener. This means that this additive has not been tested or approved by the FDA, and does not have to be tested at all.If that is not enough of a problem, then think about this: aspartame has gotten a makeover and is now being sold under the name Aminosweet. This product is sold as a natural amino acid derivative. Their website is trying to make it look healthy and safe, but don’t be fooled. This is some real scary stuff and should be avoided.

Source: Collective-Evolution

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