8 Steps To Eliminating Unhealthy Behaviors That Block Positive Energy

Everyone experiences emotional ups and downs at some time in life, but this does not have to be a permanent pattern. The inability to handle emotional situations is lead to a default outlook on life that is entirely based on negative thoughts. For the sake of your own emotional and physical well being it is necessary to learn how to handle difficult situations in a way that releases positive energy instead of leading to unhealthy behaviors.

It’s important to understand that you are more than just an extension of your thoughts.The harmful effects of negative thoughts and influences can be reduced by making a deliberate choice to remain detached from them.

1- Recognize your own inner beauty

You are probably aware of some celebrities and models who are obsessed by their appearance.It’s easy to become fixated on an idea of being beautiful that’s defined by expensive cosmetic surgery, salon treatments and makeovers. This obsession with physical appearance is a major cause of serious conditions such as depression, anorexia, bulimia and suicidal tendencies.

Learn to love your own self-image, which should be defined by what you give of yourself and how you act towards others. Understand that true beauty is reflected internally, not in a mirror.

2- Redefine your idea of success

It is natural to want success in life, but some people allow a false idea of success to become their dominant influence. Success in life is often defined in materialistic terms, but people who appear to have gained so much success can still feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their life.

You need to be clear about your own definition of success and what it means to you. You can then focus on how you will achieve it, without any external influences. Don’t be influenced by what society defines as success, or your parents, or your partner. Only you can know exactly what you mean by success.

3- Deal with stress

Anyone who engages too much with negative thoughts will find that stress becomes a constant in life. An addiction to stress is harmful to well being because it results in the sort of serious health problems that can lead to premature death.

For the sake of your well being you need to disengage with stressful influences. You should know that you do not need to keep negative thoughts in mind. Meditation, deep breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques will allow stressful influences to fade away and you will enjoy being in the present.

4- Don’t keep replaying the past

Constantly replaying what has happened in the past means that you will never be able to enjoy what is happening right now. It’s a negative process that conditions your brain always to expect the worst. It makes you feel like a victim all the time.

Even someone who has experienced traumatic events in the past can move on in life. It will be difficult to progress, but it’s not impossible. The healing process involves learning to commit more to the present than to the past. This can be achieved with the assistance of mindfulness meditation.

5- Don’t sweat the small stuff

Small irritations, such as being a few minutes late or being interrupted,are blocks to positive energy. You can become irritated for a moment, but irritations that are constantly replayed in the mind will cause further anxiety and stress.

Never let small irritations linger in your mind long enough to affect your mood. Allow them to fade quickly by letting go of negative thoughts.

6- Be more accepting

Possessiveness is the inability to accept that people need to make their own choices. It’s a classic sign of fear and insecurity. While it’s natural to want to protect those we love,being over possessive leads to anxiety, anger and other blocks to positive energy.

Strengthen your relationship with people you care for by accepting that they should be able to make their own life choices, just as you should be.

7- Be more forgiving

The problem with holding a grudge is that it leads to bitterness and anger. This makes it difficult to move on and form any healthy new relationships. Disloyalty and betrayal of trust are extremely hurtful but allowing that hurt to continue only increases the emotional impact.

Forgiveness is more about you than it is about the other person. When you forgive you are not justifying what someone has done, you are simply removing a block to positive energy.

8- Manage your own judgments

We are all make judgments about other people. It’s a natural thing to do. However, certain negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviors are the direct result of making instant judgments that create resentment. Negative judgments lead to hostility.

Ask yourself why you have made a judgement that has made you angry with someone. Consider whether it would be better if you were more empathetic about what they are going through. Think about smiling at people and try to understand them rather than reprimanding them or feeling angry with them all the time.

The solution to unhealthy behaviors is through learning how to detach yourself from negative thoughts that act as a block to positive energy. When you eliminate the effects of those influences you will improve your emotional well being and will no longer be held back by negative thoughts



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