Everyone one of us is connect with the Divine. This can help us see our conscious minds. This power has been accessed through history. Our lives are magical.

1. Beliefs and Expectations

The first step is to improve the way that you view life. You will have to focus on your inner growth. Without these two things it is hard to focus on life even the physical growth. It is important to work on inner growth everyday. We often neglect the role of our Spirit.

2.  Solitude and Meditation

You need to make time for yourself to be alone everyday. Just find a quite place to relax and do nothing. You need the time to hear your inner self. You will learn how to accept silence and even enjoy it. This will allow you to fill your higher self.

Breathing during this time is also important. Try concentrating on the flame of a candle. This will help with your breathing.

3.  Journals

Keeping a journal will allow you to record your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and insights. You will able to communicate with your higher self. You also will be able to come up with the answers or solutions you need.

4.  Inner Conversations

You should conduct regular dialogue with your inner self. Try this for at least 40 days. Do not worry if this may be hard at first. You have been out of touch for so long. Speak to your inner self in the same ways that you would speak to a close friend. The answers will then come to you.

5.  Life Lessons

Every event in life including situations and people happen to teach you a lesson. When both good and bad things happen in your life ask yourself about the lesson you learned. Unpleasant people will help you grow. Be sure to record what you have learned in your journal.

6.  Dreams

Your higher self can speak to your through your dreams. When you awake up record your dreams in your journal. This will allow you to get the answers you are looking for from your higher self.

7.  Mindfulness

Instead of worry about what will happen in the future and what happened in the past worry about the Now. When you are doing an activity focus solely on that activity. This will give your mind the chance to clear. You will be able to reach your higher self easier if your mind is free from mental clutter. This will allow your higher self to come and fill in more space.

Patience is the key

You have spent most of your life out of touch with your higher self. Now it is time to bring back that connection. This is going to take some time as well as a great deal of practice.

Be diligent and patient. Follow these seven steps everyday and you will be able to get in touch with your higher self. The higher self wants to be connected to you. It often tries to communicate with you without your knowledge.

The higher self is found in touch.

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