These 7 “Bad” Behaviors Are Actually Healthy

How often do you mask your true feelings and behaviors simply because you believe they are unhealthy? For many of us, it is more often than we care to admit, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously. Yet, the most healthy behaviors involve being authentic and real. Your body and mind know what you need and they are there to remind you it is important to follow your authentic self. Let’s look at seven behaviors that many believe are negative, but in all actuality, they are quite healthy.

1. Feeling Lost

When we are lost in an unfamiliar city, we are forced to stay in the moment and trust our instincts. It’s not unusual for us to make amazing discoveries while trying to find our way.

However, when we are feeling lost in life, it’s a different story. Instead of hiding behind a mask of confidence, realize that this is simply a part of your life’s journey. Being lost can send you down paths that allow you to discover new things about yourself, as well as meet new people that we might have never met. Being lost isn’t permanent. It simply gives you the time you need to find your way and receive input from the world regarding what path might be best for you. In many cases, this input is what sets you on your true path.

2. Anger

Expressing the negative feelings associated with anger is something that many people do their best to avoid. However, expressing your anger in a healthy manner can be liberating and can result in powerful and positive changes in your life.

Anger isn’t a bad thing. Expressing your anger in a positive manner gives you the energy you need to make constructive changes. Denying your anger is farunhealthierthan expressing it because it can progress into depression and rage. Healthy anger serves a purpose. It is your liberator and protector.

3. Breaking the Rules

Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Gandhi, and Rosa Parks all publicly rules they believed were unjust and brought about positive changes as a result. You can do this too. Look at the heart behind a rule to determine whether or not it promotes the greater good. There are times when breaking the rules can dramatically improve your life, as well as that of others.

4. Crying

Crying is a normal, healthy response that we tend to hide at all costs. Whether you are crying tears of happiness or utter devastation, it allows your psyche to unleash energy that has the potential to become toxic if we continue to hold onto it.

Crying also lets others know that you are human and effected by the world around you. For most people, this is an attractive quality because it shows that you, too, are open and vulnerable.

5. Not fitting in

Yes, not fitting in can be awkward and painful, but it can also be a sign you are an innovator with something to offer outside of the norm. When you fit in, it is usually because you are simply going along with the feelings and thoughts of those around you. Don’t be afraid to step away from the consensus and explore your own thoughts and feelings. This is often where we get our newest and most innovative ideas.

Embrace who you really are, even if that means you don’t fit in. This could lead you down a whole new, unexplored path that you wouldn’t have otherwise traveled.

6. Spending time alone

For some reason, being alone is often viewed as a negative behavior. While there are times when a person choosing to isolate themselves can be a cause for concern, many times it is not. It is sometimes completely necessary because it gives you the opportunity to dive into a deeper level of your being. In fact, many of the world’s greatest thinkers, writers, and artists have found that they find their deepest inspirations while alone.

If your body is telling you that it needs sometime alone, honor its request. Go for a walk or even head out on a vacation by yourself, but do it. It is the perfect opportunity for self-reflection that can renew your sense of purpose.

7. Not listening

Many people perceive not listening to be a sign of arrogance or an antisocial behavior. However, there are times in life when you simply have to follow your own intuition. This may require you to tune out or ignore the voices of those who do not understand your vision. Trust yourself and realize that sometimes you have to go against the advice that is being given to you.

Don’t forget that there will be times when you truly need to listen to what others have to say. However, if your inner voice is telling you to go with what your gut is telling you, trust it.

By: Abra Gordon


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