5 Reasons Why You Are Not Achieving Your Life Goals

I bet you can relate to the reasons I intend to illustrate surrounding why you are not meeting your most desired goals in life. Often the reasons are quite apparent, but sometimes it’s very difficult to accept why you have not been able to make your dreams come true. You, like many others, may not even truly realize what you are doing to prevent this process, because you are so used to performing these activities over and over. It’s easy to place responsibility on reasons that lie outside yourself for your unfulfilled dreams.

My wish in bringing these points to your attention is that you embrace that consciousness regarding why vital aspects of your life are not what you want them to be, thwarting the quest to chase your deepest desires. Though there are no universal answers to explain why you are at a standstill and are unable to fill the void in your life, but consider that many find consolation in the notion that universal infallibility can be an unseen force that emanates from inside you to the outside world during the course of your life. Some people understand that what their true desire comes down to is true bliss.
Taking you cultural, spiritual, and social roots into consideration, you may have already established an idea of what your true goals may be. Though it’s not always the most advised or accepted path in our structured contemporary society, some tend to find themselves in a position that causes them to think about changing the course of their life by letting go of what they have been doing and simply embark upon a path that allows them to achieve their most coveted desires.

Consider how most people in contemporary times live, limited by employment that they are simply performing to provide funds for their everyday living costs so they are fed, clothed, and a roof is present above their heads. It would take a solid plan to begin to pursue your dreams without ending up down and out if you were to drop your job and living situation to chase a dream you may never attain, but you don’t have to do that. You can carve out some time for yourself each day to begin working towards your life-long goals in order to someday fully achieve them.
Don’t you think it’s time to begin determining your life’s direction in order to arrive at a plan that will lead to satisfying what you really wish to achieve? Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if you work towards your goal in baby steps, just imagine what you can truly achieve. It make take time, but you will get there once you decide to embark upon your journey and you begin moving towards actually doing it!

1- Your ideas remain static, because you are not moving towards achieving your desires.

If you spend much of your time dreaming, but not doing, you will never realize your dreams or anything else, either. You have to make an effort, no matter how minimal, to get closer to achieving anything, especially where life-long goals are concerned. A good way to start moving towards an active role in making your dreams a reality, it’s not a bad idea to write your ideas down anytime you have them. Scrawl them down on a notepad or on your cell phone, computer, or tablet when you have a free moment.

Take some time every day to take action towards attaining these goals even if it’s a small action. Don’t second guess yourself, it won’t help you. Even if you decide to discard your ideas in the end, you might want to revisit them later, so having them documented is a smart idea. Imagine that you are building a house. You build it brick by brick, right? You can’t build an entire house in a day. You have to take small steps towards achieving a big goal in the end.

2- You are not motivated and you are not trying to be motivated, either.

Do you sleep late at every given opportunity, take forever to perform easy tasks you have performed over and over for years, or spend too much time involved in activity that will get you nowhere such as in front of the TV or playing video games? Though leisure time is lovely and we should all take time for ourselves, it won’t get you very far towards your goals. Cut back on the time you are spending in time wasting activities and get started with small steps towards your larger life’s goals. When you are elderly and have reached retirement, you will certainly wish you had not wasted so much time. Give yourself a little push while you still can! Even if you don’t end up seeing your dream thorough until the end or it’s not what you expected when you achieve it, at least you know you gave it your best effort and you will have no regrets.

3- Spend leisure time performing activities that get you closer to achieving your goals.

Though this was previously mentioned, I’m going to expand on this matter. I’m not saying you should never relax or do things you truly enjoy, but consider that if you add up all the wasted time you may have spent immersed in productive activity as opposed to living a life of leisure, you would surely cut years off the time you would very likely arrive at your goals much sooner rather than later. Consider it a labor of love. If it’s something you enjoy doing anyway, since it is your dream, after all, chase that dream! Read about ways to achieve your goals. Write down plans while you are making them! This will help you arrive at a myriad of avenues to take to get where you want to be! Develop healthy habits that move you towards your goal. Think about your dreams, but do something that’s going to move you closer to achieving your desires! Stop wasting time! You don’t live forever, you know!

4- You neglect to look within and rely on your own ideas regarding the realization of your dreams!

You may ignore your intuition about what you know you can do and the dreams you know you want to achieve, and you can achieve them! You yearn for change for a reason and without change, we can’t be whole. Suppressed thoughts and notions can come from having the idea that your dreams are frivolous and unattainable drilled into you by society. Humans thrive on change and if we don’t step out on a limb once in a while, we can’t broaden our horizons and change our lives from the way they are currently going, which may not fulfill you forever. What you found to work for you for many years may not be what you want anymore.

I’m sure you don’t want to spend your retirement asking yourself, “What if I…?” The things you have had instilled in you that you are obligated to do, the “I have to…”, attitude won’t move you any closer to your goals. Think about some of these things you obligate yourself to. Do you really, “have to”? Look at all the crazy notions people online have had that became Fortune 500 Companies! Amazon.com, Apple, and Google were once dreams unfulfilled.
Perhaps you haven’t figured out what your dreams are just yet.If you think the ideas I have just mentioned are out of the ordinary and if your lifestyle is led by a mainstream existence and you can’t live life another way, you may wish to broaden your horizons. You can achieve a more satisfying existence. Break out of the molded mindset in which you have been existing for so long, possibly your entire lifetime until now. You can’t achieve your goals without having a dream to achieve!

5- You may even have no answer yet when asked what your dream is.

You aren’t alone, though. Some people seek money, their dream job, or just a happy family. These are seriously broad goals. Most people want these things, but dare to dream for more than just the basics. Ask yourself if your life if the way you want it to be when you leave this Earth. Have you done all you ever wanted to do or have you just done what others asked you to do out of expectation or obligation?

By: Amy E. Russell


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