Your Higher Self opens doors to worlds unknown to most today

Connecting with our Higher Self has been the goal of many of the great teachers in humanity’s past.

The Buddha and others taught it was the highest possible achievement for a man to strive for was to achieve personal growth.

Today we are living in a materialistic world that ignores the possibility of transcending our current limitations.

Yet, some still work to develop their minds and spirits and from them we have gleaned 22 examples of what it is to begin to use your higher self.

Perhaps you’ll notice some of them in your own life. If so, you can try to see if you have any of the others or begin developing them.

If you do, your life will be richer and more rewarding than you ever thought possible.

1. Higher sensory perception

When you are in contact with your higher self you begin to develop, senses that other don’t have.

Feeling colors is only one of them.

You start perceiving things before they occur.

2. You know your Soul purpose in life

When you are in tune with your Higher Self (HS), you know what your soul has been tasked to do in this lifetime.

You can then begin to direct your energies to achieving that purpose and perhaps make a change in humanity.

3. Meeting your Soul Family

Along with your soul, you are linked with the souls of others this group is meant to work toward some purposelaid down by the creator and accomplishing this task is a great undertaking and adventure.

4. Meeting your soulmate

You have a twin out there how is the perfect match for your life and work. If you find them, you will have experienced one of the great joys in life.

5. Synchronicity

When you and your HS are working, in harmony, things and life seem to flow around you and events occur that benefit you without you even asking.

Many will wonder why life is so good to you. You can just smile and leave them guessing.

6. Those in touch with their HS take responsibility for their happiness

Did you know you control whether you are happy or sad?

When you connect with your HS, you create happiness as if out of thin air.

You decide on what your emotions will be for a given day.

7. With the help of your HS, you embrace all your emotions

When your HS is activated, you have the power to be in touch with all emotion and accept them for what they are.

8. Holographic nature of the universe

The universe is like a giant hologram that everywhere is a complete copy of the whole on the micro and macro levels of reality.

This is the origin of the saying, “As it is above, so is it below”, which was the motto of the alchemists of old.

9. Alchemical and healing powers

Your HS will put you in tune with the alchemical realities of the world and you will begin to manifest your body’s capacity for healing as well.

These abilities come naturally when you are in tune with the universe and you can begin to heal yourself and others as well.

10. Activating your DNA

The HS has the power to change your DNA which can help your heal and adapt to the changing world around you. This is a power that is has been discovered and studied in the science of Epigenetics.

11. Unconditional self-love

Loving yourself is the hardest things to so sometimes. When your HS is working with you accept you for who you are and love yourself for your mistakes as well as your triumphs.

12. Integrating and transcending your shadow self

You will start recognizing your shadow self which is your energy twin that coexists with you and has a major impact on your life.

This second self often is responsible for the self-sabotaging things we do to derail our lives.

When your HS is turned on, you see this for what it is and can begin to integrate all your selves into a total personality.

13. Frequency resonance

The universe is musical and frequency was proved by Nikola Tesla to be its guiding principle.

When your Higher self is actively raising your harmonic levels you become in tune with the positive aspects of the universe and this “Good Luck” will be attracted to you.

Your life will change from negative to positive almost overnight and you’ll enter the state of flow that lets you glide through life like a dolphin in the ocean’s depths.

14. Honest Yes and Honest No

Your HS helps you be able to answer honestly. You will be without guile or deception.

People will like, respect, and be drawn to you.

15. Harmonious family relationships

Your home life will become better and you and your significant other will become in tune and speaking may even become unnecessary, as you know what the other is thinking and feeling.

16. No Guilt, No Shame

The past is the past and with your HS’s, help you let go of past events and accept them so you can move on in life.

There is no guilt or shame when your HS is functioning and you are in tune with it.

17. Making decisions in line with your Higher self

You start doing things that are in congruence with your HS. When this happens, things turn out for the best and your life move without strife.

18. Inner and outer abundance

You will experience both inner and external manifestations of the bounty of the universe bestowed upon you.

The universe is filled with energy and that manifests in the physical realm when your HS is awake and helping you flow through life.

19. Mind unplugged from the matrix

You can unplug from the society and cultural blockages that fill our lives.

You become independent and original, which separates you from the mindless mob that is found in public opinion and consensus making thoughts of those who control social media and popular culture today.

20. Bye-Bye Idolatry

You perceive the creator as a reality and no longer are attached to the physical trappings of TV, Internet, and world as is that have become the idols of today’s world.

21. Overflowing with gratitude

When your HS is in harmony with your heart, mind, and soul you are filled with a feeling of gratitude for even the smallest thing that comes your way.

From the blades of grass, that cushions your bare feet, as you walk in a field or the taste of a freshly caught fish. You give thanks to them both for sustaining you in this life.

22. Don’t take yourself too seriously

A person with their HS turned on can laugh at themselves with no worries if they are acting silly or like a child.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and to take it or yourself too seriously is an illusion that fades as the morning’s mist when your HS shows you the world as it really is.

You see without the filters that blind us to the beauty and wonder that is happening all around us.

Most leave in the physical world exclusively and only numbers, facts, and figures are real to them.

To some of us there are infinite realities and the universe is a vast place that can’t be contained by number, the limiting theories of science, and the thoughts of society.

Turning on you Higher Self, you enter this great universe, take your place as one of its citizens, and perceive more than others around you.

“Open your eyes and see the universe.”

By: Tom, “The Seeker”

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