21 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

It is evident that everyone is going through changes including personal changes. Whether it is self-conscious or otherwise, spiritual evolution is accompanied by a shift of self-awareness. In many cases, you may not be able to identify some of the personal changes. The following 21 traits will help you identify if you are undergoing any personal shifts.

1. The ability to distinguish between other people’s emotions and those of yourself. Getting influenced by other people’s emotions is easy but when you realize that you are withdrawing to have some time to your own, you are experiencing a personal change.

2. You simply know something without prior knowledge. With this, you just know and you can bet on it that you are right even when the thorough explanation lacks. Commonly referred to an inner intuition, it comes in handy in defining self-capabilities.

3. You begin to detest watching television or other media of passing across entertainment. It seems that the information provided is inhuman and degrading to you and not just entertainment.

4. The ability to distinguish between a lie and the truth. Even when the person is not sure of what exactly you are trying to hide, they will easily identify a lie from the truth. They will also identify if there are any emotions being withheld.

5. The ability to pick other people’s emotions is evident. It goes to the extent that this group of people will feel both your physical and emotional pain. Being able to stomach emotions can be devastating but with the right guidance, you will be able to re-establish your personal emotions.

6. The ability to be compassionate for the underprivileged even we have no idea who they are. These people can also feel the passion and in this, even total strangers will request for our attention in time of trouble or misfortune.

7. While taking on other emotions can be uncontrollable, there is the need to control and set boundaries.

8. In an effort to prevent other people’s emotions, turning to drugs or alcohol becomes evident.

9. Taking on fields that relate to aiding other people are more common. These include reiki, midwifery.

10. The ability to identify the occurrence of an activity before others can as if they had a head start.

11. The ability to exploit creative ventures (singing, writing, dancing) and personal imaginations.

12. Remaining in solitude is more evident as compared to others.

13. While boredom is evident, this group of persons can easily get self-entertained.

14. The belief in doing what is joyous is evident. It makes no sense that you should push yourself to doing what you do not believe in.

15. The ability to question what is wrong is evident.

16. Keeping track of time is next to impossible as long as they are exploiting their imagination.

17. Taking on a life that is the usual routine is next to impossible.

18. Authoritative behavior does not go well with this group of persons.

19. It is their nature to remain kind. However, they will not tolerate rude behavior even when they are not the victims.

20. They hold the ability to tell sources of negative energy.

21. The ability to pretend of personal emotions is difficult. In addition, confrontation is not in their character. Rather, they would rather spend time changing the world for better.

The above traits will help to identify self-awareness and if there are any changes that are worth realizing. They promote self-awareness, enhance clarity, and boost strength


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