12 Natural Ways to Raise Positive Energy

A person may have made you feel good—they weren’t intentionally trying but it was just something about their energy that made you relax and enjoy yourself around them. The reason is likely attributed to positive energy or vibration the person has. This is the reason why you are attracted and feel good around certain people because they have high vibration.

What does it mean to have a high vibration? All human beings have energy in motion within them thus we vibrate a frequency out to the universe. People with positive energy or high vibration often feel stable, open, loving and lighter. On the other hand, feelings of darkness, heaviness, fear and denseness are associated with negative energy or lower vibration zone. Take the example of radio stations; they have different frequencies and you are at liberty to tune into whatever station you want to listen to.
In the same manner, people can raise their vibration/positive thinking (change their frequency) in order to feel better.

When you are moody or upset people tend to avoid you because you have lower vibration or negative energy. When you are happy and feel good about life, you tend to attract people because you have high energy or high vibration. Therefore, rather than being at the mercy of your mood and other people’s negative energy field, you could do activities that raise your vibration or positive energy thus make you feel better. Any activity that make you feel authentically good raises your vibrations. So here are ways of raising vibration.

1. Laugh

Engaging in activities that make you laugh is a fun and easy way to feel good. Participate in activities that bring laughter into your daily routine and you will raise your spirituality.

2. Pray

You don’t have to pray in a religious setting, but you can do meditation with God in person, ask for guidance, and give thanks to God at any time and at any place.

3. Appreciate Your Blessings

Be grateful to where God has brought you so far. Be grateful for all the love, guidance and support that is already present in your life. This way you will raise your vibration or positive energy.

4. Exercise

Engage in any form of exercise that gets your heart rate going and feels fun.

5. Breathe

Breathe deeply as it helps to clear your negative energy and create openness in your heart.

6. Watch Cartoons

When you watch cartoons you feel light and cozy thereby enhancing your positive energy.

7. Put Up a Nice Dress

Sometimes dressing up nicely makes you feel good, and reminds ladies how beautiful they are.

8. Recite Affirmations

When you recite affirmations, you remind your conscious mind that what you desire is not lost but is here and now. You remind yourself that anything is possible and that you should always remain hopeful.

9. Tell People You Love Them

Appreciate the people you love by telling them that you love them. Say to them loud even if you think they already know, then close your eyes and feel it. This way you will create a positive energy or high vibration within you.

10. Spoil Yourself with Something You’ve Been Desiring

You may have been saving thus sacrificing on things that you desire. Spoil yourself with things that you desire but have been holding back on.

11. Show Yourself Love

Show yourself love and you will receive it.

12. Do Something Nice To Someone

Do something nice to another person for no reason at all—not because you want something in return or you owe them, but because you want to show them that you love them


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