10 Traits Of An Intuitive Person

Steve jobs, one of the most successful innovators of all times, was quoted as saying, “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That’s had a big impact on my work.” Science also agrees with this – a study conducted by researchers from Rice University, Boston College, and George Mason University concluded that gut instincts are more efficient than logical thinking in decision making.

However, not everyone is able to exploit this sixth sense, and those that have mastered it reflect it in how they do certain things.

Here are 10 traits of intuitive people:

1. Obedient to their inner voices

Intuitive people rely heavily on their instincts, which are conveyed by that deep soft voice within that many people tend to ignore. However, intuitive people do not ignore this voice but rather tend to listen to it, nurturing it and developing a deep relationship and connection.

2. Attentive to their feelings

Intuition is called gut feeling for nothing – it expresses itself through that distinct feeling in your gut that you just cannot seem to ignore. Intuitive people do not ignore this gut feeling; some tend to act upon it, averting great dangers just out of a “hunch.”

Normally, a gut feeling will be complemented with other signs such as sweaty palms, increased heartbeat rate, or wobbly legs.

3. Appreciative of some quiet time

An intuitive person does not get bored by solitude – intuitive people are in fact considered introverts, as they tend to draw energy from within and not from friends and society. Solitude and quiet makes it easier to connect with their inner voices on a deeper level, and a highly intuitive person will tend to look forward to some alone time.

4. Self-awareness

In a bid to take the right path as guided by that all-knowing inner voice, intuitive people tend to be very observant of their thoughts, words, and even appearance, among other things. This, in turn, makes them very self-aware, leading them to practice acts of mindfulness such as meditation and yoga.

This way, they are able to clear their minds of crowding thoughts and focus more on their inner-self.

5. Empathizing

An intuitive person is able to relate with other people’s feelings and experiences and offer them the relevant support they need.

Mostly, an intuitive person will seem appealing and friendly to strangers, allowing them to open up and express their feelings and situations as they feel they can trust that person. In other cases, highly intuitive people will easily notice other people’s feelings and emotions just by close observation, thanks to their skills in bonding with their inner selves and the natural aspects of humankind.

6. Observant of surroundings

An intuitive person will notice small and minute things that most people consider unimportant or simply ignore, mostly because their minds are always alert and focused. This goes a long way in boosting their intuition, as they are able to sense events earlier in time as compared to other people.

7. Appreciative of rest

As mentioned, an intuitive person tends to appreciate some alone and quiet time – away from friends, family, and work. To this end, they know when to work and when to take a rest and try their best to manage both worlds.

8. Optimistic

Intuitive people do not ignore negative feelings, but they do not get attached to them either. They will observe these feelings, listening to them and letting go of them with time so that they do not recur often.

This clears their minds, allowing them to think better and connect with their inner-selves at a deeper level.

9. Express creativity

It is not the logical sense in art that captivates people’s interest for years, but rather the illogical aspects that most people cannot seem to explain. This comes as a result of the artistes listening to their inner voices, regardless of how illogical their work may seem.

The same applies for intuitive people – they tend to express their creativity, as it is what allows them to reach out to the people.

10. Attentive to the universe’s subtle messages

Sometimes it may feel like the universe is talking to you through different angles – a sentence in a book, a number, a phrase in a song, and virtually everything that seems peculiar. An intuitive person takes these massages in and gives them a lot of though, trying to figure out what the universe is trying to say.


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