10 Steps To Help You Achieve Zen

What is the meaning of Zen? It is way of being and also a state of focus which includes an embodiment of the body and the mind. Understanding Zen means that one is able to view life without distortion as created by one’s thoughts with the elimination of illusion.

Below are 10 ways of finding stillness amid the existing chaos.

1.Start by closing your eyes

Start by finding time from yourself, lie down or sit on a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Once you do this, you will get a chance of looking at your life through darkness. This is the first step in the long journey of finding Zen.

2.Simply count from 1 to 10

This simple exercise has been a practice since when you were young and the best thing is that it has always worked. When you are in a stressed situation, simply stop and count from 1 to 10 slowly. During this time, you can slow your breath using yoga breathing exercises.

3.Deep breathes are good for you

Are you in a stressful situation? Don’t worry, take a few minutes away from your busy schedule and then take a deep breathe – slowly. Start by taking a big inhale through the nose so as to fill your belly with air from the bottom to the top. In your mind, tell yourself to let go and breathe out.
This will help to improve your focus, slow your heart rate and contribute to personal growth.

4.Always laugh

Laughter is the best medicine and it has been found to contribute to longer life. To achieve Zen and self love, relax, laugh and engage yourself in silly things.

5.Exercise your limbs

It’s time to take out your bike and ride to work or around the neighborhood. Even better, start walking from home to work instead of driving. Although driving is convenient, exercising your limbs by walking or riding your bike improves your heart rate as well as eliminating stress from your mind.

6.Become an early riser

There is a famous saying – the early bird catches the worm – and that can be you. Are you looking for a quite time? The early morning is the best and all you need is to wake up early. During this quite time, meditate or work out.

7.Take a pause

Take a pause from your busy schedule and engage in meditation. This will help you become one with your mind and have peace as well.

8.Savor an exact moment by setting a reminder

Many people go through life without noticing the beauty and majesty of the environment. To take notice, simple set a reminder and when it activates, simple take a moment from your busy schedule and notice your surrounding.

9.Practice letting go

In your busy day, you will get to bump into people or situations that will make you angry, distorted or unfocused. Instead of spoiling your day and adding chaos and anger into it, simple start letting go of all negative things.

10.Pick Zen

Start every action with a thought which in turn becomes an intention. Proceed by setting clear and positive intentions in order to find Zen in your life. All you need is to think, say and do it.


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