10 Signs You Need to Make a Serious Change in Your Life

Everyone gets stuck in a life rut at some point. Unfortunately, it can take years before a person is fully aware they need to make changes in life. When bitterness, discontentment and anxiety are constantly being felt, it is important a person takes a long, hard look at understanding life to see if it is going in the direction they planned. Just because someone’s life has gotten off track does not mean it cannot be turned around. Paying attention to the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing can tell you if you need to make changes in life.

Here are 10 signs it is time for a life change.


1.  Though it is not uncommon for people to be unhappy at their job from time to time, it is a different matter when a person dreads going to work more often than not. If you dread hearing the alarm clock each morning and cringe upon seeing the building you work in, you may need to reexamine why you are there. If the issues causing you to feel unhappy cannot be changed, it may be time to seek new areas of employment.

2.  Do you wake up tired every day? Worry and dissatisfaction in your life will lead to sleepless nights. Tiredness is not only one of the signs to change life, it can also mean you are not getting healthy sleep. This is not the way you were meant to live! If tiredness is plaguing your life, get to the root of the cause and pluck it out.

3.  Those who feel restless and discontent often have a feeling there is something they are missing in life. This feeling you are not fulfilling your destiny can be crushing at times. If you are having this unsettling feeling on a regular basis, there may be something you are supposed to be doing. You simply need to find out what it is and make changes in life.

4.  If you find yourself never living in the now, this could mean you need a change. Living in the past or constantly looking to the future can mean you are dissatisfied with how your life is going. Those who are happy with where they are at in life live fully in the now with hope towards the future.

5.  Do you find yourself turning green with envy over other’s success? When you are content with your own life, jealousy has no place. If you are feeling this unwanted emotion on a regular basis, you need to focus on your life and make positive changes so you can finally feel content.

6.  Do you constantly feel tense and find people are telling you that you need to relax more? When people say this, they often are trying to say you need to let it go or get over whatever is holding you back. If you are hearing this often, it may be time to reflect on what is bothering you and make changes in life.

7. Gossiping about others is a bad habit that is often an avoidance measure. If you can focus on what someone else is doing wrong in their life, this means you won’t have to focus on your own issues. Examine yourself to see what you are trying to avoid.

8.  Are you constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do you find it difficult to focus on the good in your life for fear something bad is coming? If you answered yes, you are being crippled by your emotions. Changes need to be made to address this issue as soon as possible.

9.  Those who are not happy will often find everyone around them seems to annoy them or bring out their worst emotions. If you are constantly finding minor issues with others, this could be a reflection of what you are dealing with inside.

10.  Most people who need a change in their life find they are constantly saying there has to be more to this life. If you are ready for change, be ready to embrace new opportunities as they come along instead of being stuck in your life rut.

If you are noticing these signs are prevalent in your life, it is time to do some digging and figure out why. After all, you are in charge of your life and can make it want you want it to be. Stop procrastinating and just do it!


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