10 Signs Of Maturing, Not Only Aging

As adults, we are expected to get a job, buy a house, lose our carefree personality, and become upstanding and responsible citizens who contribute to the world. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for a number of us to lose the person we once and feel much older than we actually are. But, what if you could become a mature adult without turning into a person who is simply going through the motions of life?

While aging is inevitable, it is possible to do so without letting the trials and tribulations of life age you. To determine whether you have been maturing without growing old, consider the following signs.

1. You have no problem going with the flow.

In society, it is not unusual for adults to fight the natural flow of life in an attempt to achieve more in less time. Unfortunately, these people frequently find themselves in cyclical patterns that leave them constantly unsatisfied. For example, they may make $100,000 one year and still feel unfulfilled because they wanted to make at least $1 million.

Mature people understand that they have to surrender to where they already are in order to appreciate what’s to come. With an optimistic and resilient attitude, they are better able to handle life’s ups and down.

2. You understand the meaning of patience.

Although this is a world of instant gratification, you value patience. You realize that you have to put time and effort into things in order to reap the rewards. Additionally, you realize that living a slower paced life allows you to set an example for a world that is moving too quickly. You appreciate the need to take life slowly, rather than letting everything pass you by.

3. You have embraced your highest self.

Many people feel old at a young age because they give up their dreams and passions in an effort to fit in with what society expects them to be. Unfortunately, following a safe path can leave people feeling dead inside before they even have their 25th birthday.

Someone who is able to be themselves and do what they enjoy despite what others might think is showing signs of self actualization and maturity, a milestone that many people never hit because they are too busy trying to be someone they aren’t.

4. You aren’t defined by the material world.

You’ve realized that trying to keep up with everyone else is futile in the end. You’re thankful for what you do have and understand that, while you may not have absolutely everything you have every dreamed of, no one can take away the things you do have. After detaching yourself from the rat race, to an extent, you have come to understand that your true value is determined by the size of your heart.

5. You accept what you can’t control.

You’ve come to understand that the only person you can control is yourself, so you don’t waste your time trying to change others. You roll with the punches and embrace what life throws at you because you know that the only constant in life is change.

6. You have perfected the art of listening.

You understand that you can learn by listening, so you have managed to humble your ego to the point you can quiet your inner dialogue enough to concentrate on what others have to say. Before interjecting your own thoughts, you allow yourself to completely absorb the other person’s viewpoint.

7. You have fun because you see life as a playground.

You fully understand that you don’t have to sell your soul in an effort to be an adult. You realize that having a carefree and whimsical attitude is crucial to maturing gracefully. You see responsibility as staying true to yourself and the inner kid that lives inside you. Without any thought to what others might think of, you are more than happy to run through the sprinklers during the warm summer months.

8. You think before you react.

Instead of letting your emotions get the better of you, you try to understand another person’s viewpoint by weighing their words carefully. You have the ability to stay calm, even when others get upset. A true sign of maturity is the ability to show compassion for and try to understand someone who has hurt you instead of looking for a way to get revenge.

9. You have adopted a positive attitude.

The thoughts that consume us are what determines the type of person we become and you realize that a positive outlook creates a happier and more balanced person. Instead of comparing yourself to others, complaining, and engaging in things that will only bring you down, you understand the importance of optimism. Mature people have a positivity deep within that shows and those around them truly appreciate their upbeat attitude.

10. You have unconditional love for others.

Chances are that you used to judge others, even yourself. However, as you have matured, you have realized that love sets you free. As a result, you have compassion for others, as well as yourself. Instead of criticizing yourself or others, you know that everyone has to take their own path to self-discovery. In time, you’ve even learned to love those who aren’t able to demonstrate the feeling in return.

How as your level of maturity changed with age?

By: Abra Gordon


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