Home Consciousness When You See These 4 Messeges, Know Your Heart Is Communicating

When You See These 4 Messeges, Know Your Heart Is Communicating

Listening to the messages in our hearts

As we downplay it, our hearts are connected a larger external force. Call it God, intuition, higher self, the universe, spirit or any other names that may be assigned. It is for this reason that your heart will let you know when something is amiss. The heart will speak messages, signs, and inkings that will guide it to the right path. The battle between the sensitive heart and rational heart will continuously go on; therefore, it is important to understand how to listen to instincts for the sake of your mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Heart-centered messages that should not be ignored

Did you know there are certain messages communicated by your heart that should not be ignored? Here are a few of them:

Honoring your feelings

It is important to take some time to think before acting. Always ask yourself questions and wait for the first answer to pop in your head. This is an indication that your heart is communicating to you. While at it, observe and watch for physical signs around you. If things are meant to be, there will be no pressure or blockage. The feeling of “knowing” will sweep in you. Society has taught us that we should follow our hearts but let the mind take over at some point. Talk of gut instincts and second guessing!

Follow the authentic truth

Following your heart provides a purpose. The authentic truth will give you a stand in this world. Everyone has a unique individual authenticity. As we pursue our aspirations and dreams, the world opens up in our favor. A place of power is created in us. Following your heart means pursuing a high calling power in you. There is no way we should follow our passions halfheartedly. We must put our all in it.

Your passion is your truth. Trust your heart and mind to make distinctions on what is right or wrong. Few mistakes occur when we in our place of truth. Once you start living in the truth, the need to impress others or pretend to care simply disappears.

Opening the mind to endless possibilities

Are you afraid of confusion? It is time to get over that fear now. Opening the mind to possibilities will end the battle between the heart and the mind. Allow the gift of imagination to wash over you. Life has a lot of unlimited possibilities to explore. The heart is willing to entertain such thoughts as it brings out childlike qualities in us. Children do not ask for logic.

Kids act on the desires of their hearts. A rational heart is the enemies of the heart. A wise man once said listen to the impossibilities of your heart. Anything is possible.

Be courageous

Listening to your heart means getting rid of your fears. Your heart knows bet. Trust that gut feeling. Though vulnerability may come with judgment and criticism, know that not everyone will understand your decisions.

Fear should not dictate your path. Listening to your yearning and intuitions will take you places and expand your consciousness.

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