Woman with autism gets her dream job and becomes flight attendant for a day

Probably each of us has been dreaming of a job when we were just kids? Some of us may have been realized the dream while others are working another job for some reason.

Georgia Knoll, a young Aussie woman was able to live the dream of being a flight attendant even though it was only for one day

With a little help from Jetstar Australia Airways, Georgia was able to “make people happy” as a flight attendant, even if it was just for one trip.

It all happened when Knoll’s sister, Kathryn, shared the video below on Facebook of Knoll practicing her flight attendant moves on her Facebook page, Georgia Knoll’s Journey. It’s a must-see. For fun, Kathryn even tagged a few companies in the post. Little did she know that Knoll’s awesome moves would catapult the video into going viral and ultimately end up on Jetstar’s radar.

“I thought I’ll just tag some companies and if something comes of it it’ll be lots of fun and then Jetstar contacted us and said ”we’d love to have her on, can we sort something out here?” Her sister told the Daily Mail Australia.

Jetstar contacted the family to figure out how they could get Knoll onboard to be part of the cabin crew for a day. A few months later, the airline flew Knoll and her mom, Debra, from Mackay to Brisbane. The opportunity to join the cabin crew for this flight gave Georgia Knoll a feeling of happiness that clearly radiates from her smiling face as the moment was captured on video. Knoll donned her iconic orange flight attendant jacket, pin, and black skirt and got to work. She welcomed passengers, helped with the signature safety demonstration, and served refreshments to the passengers.

“On the flight back she did safety demonstrations, she was serving food, greeting all the passengers and she went from Brisbane back to Mackay on the flight and everyone at Jetstar was so welcoming and so lovely,” Kathryn said.

The cabin crew manager of the flight, Nicky, said in a Facebook video post by Jetstar that the staff all felt lucky to have the energetic Knoll on the flight, and Knoll was said to be great with all the customers.

“She’s very passionate about people all being treated the same,” said her mother.

With more than 780 000 views for the video, it’s safe to say Georgia has left a lasting impression. Georgia has since received an outpour of support from viewers, some even expressing in the comments that Jetstar ought to hire Georgia as a permanent employee. As for Georgia? She’s just happy she was able to break barriers and misconceptions about who she is.

“It’s good to be Down Syndrome,” says Georgia, “it’s who I am.”

Georgia Knoll soars to new heights

She's the internet star with Down Syndrome who has soared to new heights. Georgia Knoll went viral after photo-bombing a 7 News reporter live on camera, now she’s chasing her dream of becoming a flight attendant. www.7NEWS.com.au#7NEWS

Gepostet von 7NEWS Brisbane am Donnerstag, 4. April 2019

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